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Both sides of gambling debate launch advertisements, Governor O’Malley speaks at Democratic National Convention tonight, Fire Department personnel injured in blaze and traffic accident, Interim Superintendent Alvin Crawley starts today
Citing 4,000 permanent jobs and funding for the county’s school system, the group  “For Maryland Jobs and Schools”   launched pro-gambling expansion television and radio ads aimed at convincing Maryland voters to check “Yes” to Question 7 on this November’s ballot.  The pro-gambling group “For Maryland Jobs and Schools” is backed by $2.4 million in donations from MGM Resorts International, the company which released a statement of intent to build a Vegas style casino with the Peterson Cos.   The Anti-gambling expansion group “Get the Facts — Vote No On 7”  is funded and headed by another gaming establishment who’s interest in stopping the gambling expansion into Prince George’s is solely for their own gain.  Penn National gaming owns the Rosecroft Raceway, along with Hollywood Casino in Perryville and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in West Virginia, and has contributed a whopping $5.5 million to “Get the Facts.”  I personally don’t support gambling expansion but I’m not stupid enough to believe that Penn gaming and I are on the same side of the fence.
The Democratic National Convention Website has Governor. O’Malley listed as the 10:00pm opening speaker; keynote address is coming from San Antonio Mayor,  Julián Castro.  I see that Ledisi is performing tonight too at the end of the &:00pm-8:00pm slot! Go Ledisi!  More on my feelings about both these conferences later.  It’s hard out here on a conservative Democrat. 

Saturday Sept. 1st, a fire truck was involved in a crash that left two firefighters injured.  From PGCo Fire/EMS Dept.: At around 9:45 am, Saturday, September 1, Fire/EMS units were alerted to a possible house fire in Berwyn Heights. One of the engines companies alerted and responding to the incident was from the Greenbelt Fire/EMS Station 835. While responding to the incident, the Greenbelt engine was involved in a collision with a civilian vehicle on Kenilworth Avenue near the Capital Beltway.  Two Greenbelt firefighters sustained minor injuries and have been transported to a local hospital for additional evaluation and treatment. The driver of the civilian vehicle is also being transported to a local hospital for evaluation.  The Greenbelt engine has sustained significant damage and is out of service. It appears the engine will be unavailable for an extended period of time.  The crash scene is under investigation by law enforcement and the Fire/EMS Department Safety Office.  The Berwyn Heights incident turned out to be a malfunctioning electrical outlet and was handled by first arriving units.
Prince George’s County fire officials say firefighters had to rescue four people from the Huntley Square Apartments in the 3700 block of Huntley Square Drive in Temple Hills on Thursday night.  In the rescue effort, two firefighters and one resident of the apartment were injured.  The resident who lived in the apartment where the fire started said he pulled two fire alarms but neither worked.  I think Huntley Square is SURE TO BE SUED FOR THIS NEGLIGENCE.  The fire appears to have started from an egg roll that was left unattended on the stove.  Four firefighters suffered burns and a resident was burned on her feet after the blaze ripped through the bottom floor ceiling and up to her apartment, officials say.  Fire Chief Marc Bashoor said another firefighter, a 10-year veteran who ran toward the screams of a frantic woman, suffered smoke inhalation and exhaustion.

Alvin Crawley, WPost Image

Interim Superintendent Alvin Crawley starts the job in all its reality today as all students return to Prince George’s classrooms.  He tells the Washington Post that he’s actually interested in the Superintendent post, “Crawley said that during the next year he will assess his candidacy for the permanent position.”  Although his most recent position was with DC Public School’s Administration, the bulk of his years were with the more successful Arlington School System. According to School Board Chair, Verjeana Jacobs, the only internal candidate for the Interim position was A. Duane Arbogast, the acting deputy superintendent of academic.   Arbogast will work alongside Crawley, board officials said.  Read the WPost article.  This Crawley is an interesting fellow that we should watch closely.  Maybe he’s the right one, maybe not but unless we come out to forums and get involved, we won’t know.  I’m looking to hear from DCPS contacts but no one there really knew him.  Still researching.

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