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Subway to Hyattsville, School Bus Driver Job Fair, atheist group wants to remove Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Criminal robs bank on bike

I’m mad at myself for looking into a story and getting excited about a subway coming downtown Hyattsville.  What is coming to downtown Hyattsville is an actual new Subway sub shop.  I feel so duped.  Hahaa!
Prince George’s County Public Schools will hold a job fair to recruit school bus drivers, Saturday, Sept. 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Lake Arbor Elementary School, 10205 Lake Arbor Way, in Mitchellville.  The position offers a starting salary of $16.68 per hour, with advancement opportunity up to $30 per hour.  Paid commercial drivers license, or CDL, training is provided to all new hires. Benefits include health insurance, dental, vision and retirement plan.  Job fair attendees must bring their complete driving record and current DOT card. Eligible candidates may not have more than three previous points in their complete driving history.  Application are also accepted online at  Click “Careers” and enter job code IRC59931.
Don’t know how I missed this but there is an attack from the atheist group on the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, MD.  Bill Burgess, legal counsel for the American Humanist Association says of the Peace Cross, “It’s on government property and that sends a message that Christianity is preferred by the government.”  “I’d like them to agree to just take it down.”  What the Peace Cross is,  is a tribute to the World War I veterans who fought and died for this country where you so casually insult them with this baseless request, but you’re narcissism stops you from seeing that.  It was installed in 1922 by the American Legion and dedicated in 1923 to our local veterans of World War I.  Bill the atheist goes on to say that “non believers are more open and willing to step forward.”  Really Bill?  How “open” of you and your organization to inflict an ad campaign encouraging people not to believe in God during the Christmas season.  How open of you to insult the people of Bladensburg, veterans, and everyone who drives by the Peace Cross that they are too blinded by faith to see that a memorial to our war veterans is a heinous violation of the Constitution.  
Maryland Parks and Planning Commission is reviewing the case for church state separation issues but is not commenting.  Bill the atheist said after two weeks, his organization will take them to court.  Well Bill, let’s go to court then.  Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, so help you God?
Mensa club member Troy Jermayne Maddox was arrested on September 11th after robbing the M&T Bank in Clinton and hopping on his BIKE TO FLEE.  AAAHAHAHAAAA!  I know this is a serious matter but come on, DUDE REALLY?!!!  A BIKE?!!!  AAAHAHAHAAA! Woo.
At around 8:55 a.m., Maddox entered the M&T Bank in the 6300 block of Kirby Road, passed a note to a teller, demanding money.  The teller complied.  Thankfully, police officers saw Maddox as he fled the scene on his bicycle.  As they attempted to take him into custody, Maddox resisted arrest. Officers  tased Maddox and subdued him.  Police recovered the stolen cash and a gun at the scene. Maddox is charged with robbery, first degree assault and felony theft.  He’ll be biking it to the nearest local prison.  And you KNOW I’m attaching your face to this post Troy.

Troy Maddox


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