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Washington Post covers school board candidates, Maryland Senators write angry letter in effort to keep Hyattsville jobs (I’m shaking), Minivans rammed into Bowie Town Center by really pressed thieves


Raheela Ahmed, Verjeana Jacobs
R. Ahmed, V. Jacobs

There’s a lot of talk in this article of who County Executive Baker endorses; I say who cares.  Take a peek HERE at their take on the races then compare it to PGC Blog’s.  PGC Blog wins.  Washington Post brings to light a crazy decision made by Verjeana Jacobs that says to me that she’s a member of that Jack Johnson old guard that needs TO GO:

“Questions linger over the board’s decision three years ago, under the leadership of Chair Verjeana M. Jacobs, to start a 10-year lease on a new headquarters for $3.6 million a year during a school system fiscal crisis. The board backed out of the deal, which Jacobs’s husband helped craft, after state legislators threatened to cut education aid.”

From The Examiner: Maryland’s U.S. senators are pushing back against the Treasury Department’s plan to move 450 jobs from Hyattsville to West Virginia.  Democratic Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin wrote an open letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner calling for a stop to the plan, which would consolidate the Fiscal Management Service, based in Hyattsville, with the Bureau of the Public Debt, based in Parkersburg, W.Va.   “Moving 450 jobs out of Hyattsville would be a terrible loss for Prince George’s County and the workers at FMS,” the letter says. “This move is a direct hit to the middle class in Prince George’s County, a middle class that FMS helped build.”
October 3rd and 19th saw two of the dumbest crimes to hit the Bowie area.  Minivans were used to smash into the Last Stop clothing store and Macy’s.  At the Last Stop, Oct. 3rd robbery, the thieves got away with little to nothing because most of the merchandise is on security chains (just for this reason) and at Macy’s, they were able to get away with a whopping $1000 worth of merchandise.  Both minivans were severely damaged and abandoned nearby in Bowie.  Pass this on to your young people and not so young people.  If you hear a HINT of anything, call the police and report these idiots before they ram another van into another store.  Just stupid.  Gazette article HERE.

“On Oct. 3, police said that about four thieves had apparently used a 1998 Dodge Plymouth minivan to drive through the north entrance of the Last Stop clothing store at the mall. The thieves were unable to take much since security chains held jackets and other items in place, Nesky said. Ramming the vehicle caused significant damage to the minivan, which the thieves abandoned, police said in a statement.  At about 3 a.m. Oct. 19, a 1997 Dodge Regency conversion van was used to drive through Macy’s department store’s north entrance, and three thieves stole nearly $1,000 in merchandise, Nesky said. The thieves fled in the van, which was found abandoned two hours later in Bowie, police said in a statement.Both cases remain under investigation and police do not know if the two crimes are linked beyond the means of entry, Nesky said.”


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