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Alston/Hall debacle finally over, Darren Swain to be sworn in as Prince George’s Delegate, County’s School Board urged to play nice with new Commission for Education Excellence, Maryland House Minority Leader O’Donnell says the Purple Line should be halted, Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold cleared of a charge

Darren Swain
Darren Swain, 24th District

What’s funny is that Darren Swain‘s name wasn’t submitted to Gov. O’Malley as a possible nominee because he had two traffic violations in his past?! Yagottabekidding me right?! Well I guess this experience of not properly vetting Greg Hall and the PR fiasco that followed has the Democratic Central Committee a wee bit ansy, “Swain was passed over, in part, because of two traffic violations in his past — a criminal speeding charge, for which he was fined $100, and a charge of failing to obey a traffic control device, for which he was given probation before judgment — according to a member of the central committee.  Committee members were reluctant to recommend candidates with anything questionable on their records, and Swain did not disclose the charges at the meeting last week, the committee member said.  Swain said he didn’t believe traffic violations should be a basis for preventing someone from holding office. ‘If we start to disqualify people in Annapolis for traffic violations, there would be nobody there,’ he said” in a Gazette article.  I forgot to mention that Mr. Swain served as Prince George’s County delegate in the House representing District 24 from 1999-2003.

SchoolBusFeaturedImageDidn’t we all kinda see this coming?  The School Board members are questioning the need for and function of an Commission for Education Excellence formed by County Executive Baker.  This 12-member commission, chaired by Director of Teacher Quality,  National Education Association, Segun Eubanks, is chock full of educators, parents, librarians on a mission to change the way the county’s education system is viewed.  It’s no wonder the education board is concerned.  Others members include Charlene Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College and a member of the Maryland State Board of Education; Donna Wiseman, dean of the College of Education at the University of Maryland at College Park; and Donnette Davis, head of Reid Temple Christian Academy.  From the Washington Post, “It’s all for naught if we don’t in a demonstrative way show we are making progress” in the schools, Baker told the group in the first joint meeting since the commission was appointed last year.  Trying to allay the fears of school board members who have questioned the role and authority of the appointed commission, Baker repeated that commission members are not trying to replace the board or duplicate its efforts. He said he would like to see the two groups forge a relationship similar to the one his office has with the Sheriff’s Department and the Office of the State’s Attorney, which have worked together to reduce violent crimes.  “They are here to enhance the job you’re doing,” Baker said of the commission, which will make recommendations on academic programs that can boost student achievement.
While I’m sure the commission does exist to “enhance the job” being done by the education board, let’s not delude ourselves into thinking  that this commission isn’t a brighter, shinier version of what we all wish the school board looked like. 
Purple LineI don’t know that the good people along the Purple Line route will agree with House Minority Leader Anthony O’Donnell says that the people of Maryland are financially “hurting” and taxes her are already high enough without adding to that to benefit only those with access to mass transportation, “Meanwhile, O’Donnell said too much of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund is spent on mass transit which does not benefit people living in rural areas who don’t use it. Mass transit is ‘eating’ Transportation Trust Fund dollars, O’Donnell said.” according to Washington Business Journal.
Sweeney and LeopoldWell ain’t this just NOTHING?!  A judge has dismissed a misconduct charge against freaky John Leopold, County Exec. for Anne Arundel County.  Freaky sneaky Leopold was chauffeured by state employees to various spots where he had his opponents campaign signs removed.  He was also chauffeured to various parking lots (just STANK!) where he received oral sex from, yes you guessed it, more state employees.  I’m wondering why this story isn’t blowing up in the press they way Jack Johnson‘s story did.  Umph.  The Gazette reports the judge’s statement as this, “In his decision, Judge Dennis M. Sweeney said Leopold’s actions, at a minimum, lacked sound judgment. But Sweeney said the fact that officers assigned to protect Leopold drove him to the locations where he removed signs was ‘a collateral fact’ and did not turn the activity into misconduct in office.”  As to whether Leopold was guilty of misconduct on charges that he had his security detail drive him to parking lots for sex, Sweeney said, “It just doesn’t seem different from driving to a house or hotel. These officers are not moral police for the person they are protecting.”  Wow Judge Sweeney.  REALLY?!!!!  The prosecution rested its case against freaky sneaky Leopold on Friday Jan. 25th.  He only stands accused of misdemeanors charges, four counts of misconduct in office and one count of fraudulent misappropriation by fiduciary.

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