PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Lt. Governor Brown to announce his running mate (Howard County Executive Ken Ulman) this Monday, Wholefoods development in College Park chugging along despite bumps in the road, Nastypants Prince George’s County Police Officer criminally charged and suspended for taking nude pictures of woman without her knowledge, Seize the Dance shut down by police

Delegate Jolene Ivey
Del. Ivey

According to rumored leaked emails and from the looks from the big send off given to him by Howard County’s democrats, it appears that Howard County Executive Ken Ulman will be Lt. Governor Anthony Brown‘s running mate for governor.  Del. Jolene Ivey (Dist 47), Chair of the Prince George’s County Delegation,  said of Lt. Governor Brown‘s choice of running mate, “One reason the Lt. Governor wanted to choose the County Executive of Howard County is to form that alliance and get access to his money, it’s certainly not to his voters so much.”   Ivey added that Howard County has a smaller population than PGCo and Baltimore County.  Well dern ‘Lene. 
whole_foods-logoAs much as I’d love to have a Wholefoods in the County, I am sympathetic to the residents of that area; it’s going to be a nightmare if they don’t include some kind of money for road expansion or something.  The Rt. 1 corridor is already congested. From the Washington Post, “The Prince George’s County Planning Board voted late Thursday to approve key elements of a project that would include the county’s first Whole Foods Market.  The unanimous vote was one of the final steps in a long and contentious approval process before the project’s developer, Calvin Cafritz Enterprises, can move forward with permitting and construction of the store and development of the 37-acre site in Riverdale Park.”   “Residents of the area who have strongly objected to the development are likely to appeal the vote, which could delay plans to break ground in August. “I expect that there can be all kinds of appeals. Those who oppose this will continue to oppose it, but I am confident that it is going to move forward,” said Riverdale Park Mayor Vernon Archer.
Prince Georges Police BadgeThe Prince George’s County Police Department has criminally charged a police officer Corporal Christopher Adams after a woman accused him of taking photographs of her without her consent.  Corporal Christopher Adams was off-duty at the time of the incident.  He is assigned to the Regional Investigation Division. The department immediately launched an internal investigation upon becoming aware of the allegations. The investigation reveals Adams took the photographs while at a hotel on March 17, 2013. The involved woman was an acquaintance.  Adams is charged with three counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent as well as second degree assault. He is suspended with pay.  Adams is a seven-year veteran of the department.  I don’t think Adams will see year 8 on this police force.  
Seize the Dance dance studio was shut down by the police department for operating without the required use and occupancy permit.  Hopefully they’ll be reopened after the appeal process and they get the proper licenses.  The Prince George’s County Police Department issued a violation notice to the tenant and property manager of Seize the Dance studio ordering the business closed on May 29, 2013.  Seize the Dance is located in the 9200 block of Hampton Overlook in Capitol Heights. The business has been operating without the 
The police report that Seize the Dance is connected to a triple shooting on May 26, 2013, but I’m not buying that.  The three victims had just left the dance studio which had been rented out for a party for high-school aged children; all three victims  suffered non-life threatening injuries and have since been released from the hospital..  The owner of the studio maintains that she was mislead into allowing the gathering and I believe her.  The studio hadn’t had any such incidences prior to this.  

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