PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

PGCo Did You KnowCasinos in Ft. Washington? CityPaper takes shots at PGCo, Pepco Peak Rewards customers shafted, shootings and murder in Capitol Heights, shoplifting ring targeting Fairwood’s Safeway
 Casinos could be coming to Rosecroft Raceway in Ft. Washington. 

CityPaper can’t believe PGCo is a “safer investment” than the U.S.

Pepco, BG&E, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Inc., and Delmarva Power left customers’ power off for too long during last week’s heat wave.  MD Regulators want to know why.

Monday morning drive by shooting – 2 people shot on Central Avenue near club in Capitol Heights

Monday night murder in Capitol Heights

Ring of thieves stealing Tide detergent and “health care products.”  WHERE oh WHERE could these thieves be?


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The nail salon is also a place for one-stop shopping…

I was told the other day, that the Safeway that closed in Kettering area (Watkins Park Plaza) is now home to homeless folks, squatting. Maybe they need detergent and they like Safeway?? (Just kind of kidding ….) I think detergent aisles are less-busy than others since we tend to buy big packages of laundry soap, smaller ones of tuna.
I shop there often and did not know to look out for pilfering. This is very sad.

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