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Another foreclosure wave hits Maryland but PGCo spared the brunt, Parts of Prince George’s County declared food desert by USDA,  PGCo residents win 4 of Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards, Number of snatch and grab thefts of iPhones and iPads spike in number in DC and Prince Georges
Some rights reserved by The Lane TeamThe new wave of foreclosures isn’t concentrated in Prince George’s County, according to the Washington Post, “Foreclosure hot spots, once concentrated in Prince George’s County and Baltimore, are suddenly appearing across the state, in communities from Baltimore County to the Eastern Shore, especially in areas that have yet to recover from the recession and where unemployment rates remain high.  The resilience of the housing recovery is evident in Prince George’s, an epicenter of the housing crisis. Despite a 26 percent increase in foreclosure filings compared with the same period last year, the county no longer accounts for the largest share of foreclosures in the state. The city of Baltimore holds that distinction. And for the first time in five years, no part of Prince George’s appears on the state housing agency’s quarterly “severe foreclosure hot spot” list, state data show.”    There are still WAY too many foreclosures. Realtytrack lists the statistic as 1 in every 768 houses in Prince George’s is in foreclosure.  It seems that the cheery news about foreclosure numbers going down was due to laws that forced banks to slow the foreclosure process, giving homeowners a chance at recovering their home.  All news is not bad though, the median home price in Prince George’s is still increasing over 2012 rate of $173k; the new median home price is $206k with an upward tick.
Food DesertsThe Patch reported that parts of College Park, Glendale, District Heights, Capitol Heights, Clinton, and Temple Hills,  are classified as food deserts.  An interactive map created by the Economic Research Service of the USDA, called the Food Access Research Atlas, highlights areas of the county where citizens have low access to grocery stores or fresh food.  This is another thing to add to the County Executive and the Economic Development team’s agenda.  There is no way the median income in PGCo is in the low $70k range but people are unable to live near grocery stores.    Seat Pleasant seems to be the worst case desert in the county, “Seat Pleasant, MD is an area with low income residents who have poor access to grocery stores and the vehicles that could take them to one. In this area, a grocery store is within 20 miles of home, quite a distance by car and completely unreasonable by foot. Although a farmers market was organized in May, it was discontinued early in the summer, according to the City of Seat Pleasant.”
Steve Harvey’s 2013 Neighborhood Awards are a real thing now.  I love it!!! Formerly known as the “Hoodie Awards,” a name I’m sure we won’t miss, the neighborhood awards single out standouts in the areas: Best Community Leader, Church, Soul Food Restaurant, and School Teacher, Hair Salon, BBQ, Fadologist/Barber, Church Choir, High School Coach, and Car Wash.  
NBC4 even covered it, “For Albert Lewis, a teacher at Walker Mills Middle School, his “Best Teacher Award” was another sign that things are headed in the right direction in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Stan Richards first made noise with his rags to riches story, battling drug addiction to become a leader in the sales world. Saturday he won the Best Community Leader award, which comes with a $30,000 check.”

IPhone“The District of Columbia and Prince George’s County have specifically been hot spots for recent snatch-and-grabs and the thefts have overwhelmingly taken place on trains and against women,”  said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik at a press conference on Thursday.  The number of thefts by snatch jumped from 27 to 40 in the span of  the last 14 days. Pavlik urged Metro riders to “get their heads out of their phones” after increase in thefts of electronic devices.  My friends and family laugh at me for still having a beat-up Blackberry but I’m feeling kinda good about my chances of getting home on the Blue Line without incident. 

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Community Ministry of Prince George’s County (CMPGC) continues to distribute over 40,000 lbs of free fresh produce in Seat Pleasant every month. We see the need to counter the food desert situation and with the Capitol Area Food Bank support we continue our ministry in support of the residents of Seat Pleasant and other underserved communities.
We also applied for a Active Living and Healthy Eating grant to expand our work in Capitol Heights. Prince George’s County had almost $500, 000 to award grants. With Seat Pleasant and Capitol Heights Churches, and Seat Pleasant Community Development Corporation on our team, Community Ministry was not selected to receive a penny. Currently we don’t receive a penny from Prince George’s County
Government. But God and others enable CMPGC to continue to serve this food desert, Hyattsville and others across the county.

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