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Two companies that unsuccessfully bid to win a casino license in Prince George’s County, Penn National Gaming and and Greenwood Racing LLC,  have agreed not to challenge the decision, according to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency.  In response to their noble gesture, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control will return a butt-load of money to the losing bidders,  License fees and $500,000 protest bonds will be returned to Penn National at $18 million, and Greenwood will have $28.5 million returned.   I don’t know if this is customary or a case of keeping out of court so that MGM National Harbor opens July 2016 on schedule.    
Speed Traffic CameraTraffic cameras along Suitland Road in Morningside near Joint Base Andrews are being investigated for possibly being illegal.  Maryland has not designated the stretch of Suitland Road a school zone so the motorists want to know why the devil are they receiving tickets.  WJLA reported that “Maryland law requires them to be in a school zone, but the county did not designate this stretch of Suitland Road as such and told Morningside that permission “cannot be approved” After our report, our news partner WTOP spent months investigating the accuracy of the cameras after videos were posted on YouTube appearing to show people triggering the camera when driving slower than the proper speed. AAA Mid-Atlantic has since called for an external audit of Maryland speed cameras, says spokesman John Townsend. In the last fiscal year, the cameras collected nearly a half million dollars. The town of Morningside’s attorney told WTOP and Triple-A to pay for a review themselves. “The onus is on the city to prove that the cameras are properly calibrated and they’re not falsely ticketing motorists,” explained John Townsend, AAA Mid Atlantic spokesperson. The town’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment, but tells WTOP the town stands by the program. A state delegate tells WTOP she’s open to the state chipping in on an audit. But for now, legal or not, the cameras are active and issuing tickets.

potholeDid the newscaster really just refer to Suitland Road as Sweetland?! Baaa-hahaaa-HA! It was an honest mistake, a Freudian slip even.  I say Suitland take the sweet slip and run with it.  WUSA9 did a pothole patrol on Silver Hill Road and reported the road to the Maryland State Highway Administration and are awaiting the outcome.  NOTE:  You too can report potholes to the Maryland State Highway Administration.  Don’t just complain about it, be about it.  I used that line on the radio show this week.  Y’all tune in next week.  

You can report potholes on Prince George’s County maintained roads to the Prince George’s Department of Public Works at 301-499-8520 or 311 if you are calling from within the County. Pothole repairs are supposed to be made within 24 to 72 hours of receiving the notice of the pothole.
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Southern Regional Technology and Recreation ComplexOK. I did NOT know that the new Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex (more information HERE) was so snazzy.  A rock climbing wall, a $500,000 recording studio, computer lab, classrooms,  two basketball courts with an elevated walking track above the courts, teen and adult fitness rooms, dance studio, and a lobby with a fireplace.  The architecture is well executed. The community center’s ultimate goal of non compartmentalized learning and fitness activities  is accomplished.  You have to take a look at this place.  I have to get a tour scheduled.  If you live in District 26, or South County, as some of you like to call it, take advantage of this place.  Entire families can be served by way of technology courses, fitness facilities, innovative technology and artistic design.  Metropolis featured the facility on their site.  The Complex opened in the summer of 2013. I’m late to this, but I’m going.
Thomas Claggett ElementaryMore claims of bullying at Claggett Elementary School in District Heights surface after child hospitalized for concussion.  Parents are saying that the school’s administration is unresponsive so they have been removing their children from the school.  One mother told MyFoxDC that last year, her then-6-year-old was bullied almost daily on the school bus. She says complaints to school officials went largely unanswered. She eventually withdrew her daughter from Claggett Elementary School. She blames school officials for not doing more to stop bullying or properly supervise students. “Supervision is definitely a problem, and I don’t feel like they keep their word because they send out contracts at the beginning of the year for each parent to sign when it comes to bullying or being disruptive, that they would be expelled,” she says.  MyFoxDC story HERE.


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