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PGCo did you know pink umbrella duckyYes it’s been a bit since I blogged because the day job calleth and I have to do what I have to do so I can then do what I want to do, which is blog.  Let’s get to it.  I’m putting a lot of information under on umbrella and there’s more to come.  I have blogger back-up. 

School Bus Crash
Photo courtesy WUSA9

A Henry Wise Sr. High School student was trying to pass a school bus yesterday, Tuesday Sept. 9th, while driving on Westphalia Road.  The Wise student driving the car caused an accident when he hit the school bus.  Five students were on the school bus; all were transported to the hospital with minor injuries, as was the driver of the car and his passenger.  I think 16-17 is too young to have a drivers license.  The reasoning capacity for teenagers isn’t developed enough.  Actually the same holds true for most adults driving so, ummm, what am I talking about?  WUSA9 did a story with pics.

MABEMy blog sis/bro at pgcpsmess did a post on the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE).  Their president-elect in current PGCo Board of Education member Verjeana Jacobs.  Folks, this is not a pretty picture.  According to the MABE website, this organization “is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving and supporting boards of education in Maryland.  MABE is a leading advocate for public education in the state.” Well if you’re private and nonprofit, why are our Maryland counties providing funds? They’re getting money from the state boards of education and county boards of education by way of dues?  PGCPSmess posted that Prince George’s County Board of Education pays  $40,000+ a year.”

Shrimp and LiquorMy blog brother/sister at pgcpsmess is rightfully concerned about the upcoming MABE junket taking place in Ocean City this October 1-3, and the deals like the one bringing cell towers to our schools that are made at these gatherings.  We’ve talked about the shrimp and liquor dealings of our elected officials right here on PGC Blog, but listen to pgcpsmess saying the same,  ” Our contacts in these parties expressed dismay in the amount of alcohol served and the food to confuse the Board of Education members in attendance. The Prince George’s County Board of Education has signed up for the super cool Milestone Communications cell tower deal being hawked at these MABE parties mixed with alcohol.  What is the Milestone Communications deal?  It is up to THREE, yes THREE cell tower compounds on every public school playground!  Sound great, right? That is what your Prince George’s County Board of Education has signed on to do with this company they meet every year in Ocean City out of the public view.

Verjeana Jacobs
Verjeana Jacobs, courtesy PGC Blog

We find it amazing that Verjeana Jacobs who messed up the Prince George’s County Board of Education during her tenure as the chair of the Board is planning to be the new President of Maryland Association of Boards of Education. The Prince George’s County Board of Education was fined over five million dollars for being a “willful violator” of our labor laws because of her negligence to the county. As she “plots for the new post”, one of the deals she negotiated “the cellphone towers ” has led to major concerns being raised about the exposure to radio-frequency radiation to the children and citizens of Prince George’s County. This should be a wake up call to the Maryland citizens.”
strayer in SuitlandStrayer University’s largest  campus in the U.S. is now located in Suitland, MD.  From The Gazette, “The new university building, located at 5110 Auth Way, is only two blocks away from the former site, said university president Michael Plater.“The Prince George’s campus was our largest and we wanted to make a significant commitment to Prince George’s students and other students from around the Washington metropolitan area,” Plater said. Plater said most Strayer campuses are 12,000 square feet. The new Suitland building is 37,500 square feet, making it the largest Strayer University campus in the country. The new building holds 28 classrooms, conference facilities, a state-of-the-art resource center, lounge areas and information for prospective students, Plater said.”
Money and Up ArrowA proposed pay increase for the Prince George’s County Council and the County Executive is under fire and this won’t bode too well with residents when it’s time to vote on extending their term limits.   My blog brother Bradley Heard of Greater Greater Washington and PG Urbanist was quoted by The Gazette (Bradley you need to start giving me some quotes too. hump!), ” “In recent years, the county has had to impose furloughs on county workers and also yank money from public schools just to make its annual budget balance,” said Bradley Heard of Capitol Heights. “They can’t seriously believe fattening their own paychecks is in the public interest.”  The Gazette article stated that County Bill 68-2014 came up for introduction before the Prince George’s County Council on Sept. 2 and is under review.  The bill, proposed by County Council Chairman Mel Franklin (Dist. 9) of Upper Marlboro, would increase the county executive’s pay from $187,753 to $197,141 and council members’ pay from $102,486 to $108,902 in December 2014, the start of the new council’s term, with an additional $10,000 and $5,000 increase, respectively, in December 2015.  So by 2015, our council members will be making about $114k a year.  The article goes on to add that “according to a survey done last year by the Maryland Association of Counties, Rushern Baker III already is the highest-paid county executive in the state, with the Montgomery County executive coming in second at $180,250 per year. Prince George’s council members are the second highest paid in the state, with Montgomery County paying the most at $104,022 per year.”  All things considered, furloughs, high Maryland taxes, cost of living, etc., do you think this is a good idea?

Hogan Brown CrybabiesRepublican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan filed a complaint with the Maryland State Board of Elections that accused democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt. Governor Anthony Brown of illegally coordinating with a Super PAC.  From the Washington Post, “Hogan’s team believes that the campaign of Democratic nominee Anthony G. Brown has violated the law because one of its financial consultants — Colleen Martin-Lauer, who has raised money for several prominent Maryland Democrats — has also worked for “One State, One Future,” a Super PAC based in Maryland that received nearly all of its money from unions. Hogan’s campaign also drew attention to a financial consultant who worked for Ken Ulman, Brown’s running mate, and the Super PAC.
Hogan Tour Bus
Photo from

The Maryland Democratic Party filed a complaint accusing Larry Hogan‘s campaign of not paying full price for the monthly use of his tricked out campaign tour bus.  The Washington Post reported on the finger pointing, “Democrats contend that the payment is far less than the “fair-market value” of the vehicle. And under elections law, the party says, that’s what the campaign should be paying for the bus. To bolster its case, the Maryland Democratic Party submitted estimates that suggest that the cost of operating an RV the size of Hogan’s is between $500 and $700 a day — about what the Hogan campaign is paying per month. The campaign, the complaint says, is “grossly undervaluing” the cost of the RV — a claim Dubitsky vigorously disputed.  The issue takes on added importance because Hogan is participating in the state’s public financing system, which limits his campaign to spending about $2.6 million on the race.”

How about we stick to ONE of you convincing me to vote for you?  How about it? 

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Three Cell Towers to a school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is going on here!
And why is Milestone wineing and dining our School board. and I can’t get a meeting with one of them. Something has gone very wrong here.
They should be meeting with us, the citizens.. Having round table discussions with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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