PGCo Please Please VOTE

PGC Blog doesn’t endorse any candidates but I can and will say here, briefly, who PGC Blog supports. Note that if I haven’t researched enough or don’t have enough of a feel for the candidate, I keep PGC Blog’s nickel out of that quarter. I don’t have time to go through all positions either so research those running for sheriff and register of wills and such on the quick. 


Paul Monteiro: He might not win but he’s the best candidate. He is a product of the Prince George’s School system and he’s not afraid to fire people who have been grandfathered into positions and don’t work. Paul’s background in the Obama Administration as a Director for Americorp, leadership at the Justice Department and current chief of staff to Howard University’s President gives him what this county needs for our future. I’ve met him, heard him out and I like him. He is the future of Prince George’s while Angela Alsobrooks is the past. She’s too closely affiliated with the same clique of people that put Baker and Johnson in office. And yes, I believe she’s bought and paid for with funds from developers. Meh, she’ll probably win and if she does, don’t start sending me your anonymous emails crying about how developers have taken over the county. Also, I met Alsobrooks when I first moved to PGCo and let’s just say, how you treat people who you think can’t benefit you says much about your real character. 


Gerron Levi, Julian Lopez, Calvin Hawkins. Yes I know you can only have two but I’m not sure yet. Read my summary on the At-Large Council candidates forum. NOTE: Toles and Hawkins declined to participate and all other candidates were no-shows. 
I attended the Town of Upper Marlboro’s Council At-Large candidates forum on June 16th. Here’s the rundown. In attendance were Mel Franklin, Melvin B. Johnson, Gerron Levi, Julian Lopez, and the lone republican Felicia Folarin. Missing were Juanita Culbreath-Miller, WPost endorsed Calvin Hawkins (who wasn’t scheduled to attend), Karen Toles, Reginald Tyer, and Jonathan White. The PG Sentinal did a good write up on these candidates. The “man give me a break” moment of the evening was watching Mel Franklin disagree with the entire panel about the creation of the at-large council seats. Levi, Lopez and Folarin all agreed that these seats are just a way for current members (Toles and Franklin) to stay in office. Franklin disagreed and said he would “trust the voters.” OK. When “the voters” vote you and your ilk out, believe them. Melvin B. Johnson referred to himself as “elderly” (he’s about 67) but he had some fresh ideas about creating an independent zoning commission, but his thought to raise taxes to increase revenue was antiquated and PGCo can’t afford that.

Gerron Levi was strong on business development, expanding the tax base to raise revenue and she said she knows that PGCo’s schools need more than money to fix the school system: “sweat equity,” smaller classrooms, before/after care. While Mel Franklin touted the need for experienced people to serve in the at-large council seats, Folarin added that these same people with so much experience are the ones who have made bad deals for Prince George’s County. There were only about 12 of us in attendance and we all gave a collective, “ooop,” after that one.  Julian Lopez is strong on accountability and has an idea to brand the county as a premier retirement community. Lopez is anti-corruption and has has been a federal agent and served in the Army. We need his kind of strict, to the letter of the law approach in PGCo government. Things are way to loosey-goosey here. 

Rochelle Mincey Thompson

ROCHELLE MINCEY-THOMPSON is in tune with the needs of working class people to have affordable housing that is not housing projects. I like that. Read this from my “Hits and Misses” post: Rochelle Mincey Thompson is a hit. She’s running for the District 5 Council seat being vacated by term-limited Andrea Harrison. Rochelle is in-tune with the county’s need for affordable housing and the needs of working-class people. I just don’t think Jolene Ivey can be the person of the people needed by District 5. Speaking of former House Delegate Jolene Ivey, she was endorsed by the Washington Post but not by me. I’m just saying. Ain’t I a woman? Sorry y’all; I veered off. Ivey was a bit standoffish when I met her and while responding to the moderator’s question about senior housing in PGCo, Ivey talked about the need for seniors, like her mom, need to have options because she wouldn’t want her mom to come live with her. There was a collective “What did she just say,” in the the forum audience. People around me were like, “…did she just say…” HA! But seriously, Rochelle is running against Ivey, five-term mayor of Bladensburg Walter James (reminds me too much the problem with the council), Albert Slocum (a serious, serious MISS), and Patricia Waiters (another miss)


Derrick Leon Davis. He’s getting the job done and pretty accessible. 


Juan Stewart: He’s a homeowner and has a plan not just to help the working class and poor, but to make the entire district prosper. Other candidates are certainly for the people, in a real folksy kinda way, but Stewart seems to be the only one with a plan for the area where he has invested his time and money. 


Sorry y’all I don’t know the candidates. Chime in and tell me what you think of them. 


Will y’all get Vallario out of office already? Our support is behind Ron Watson. I don’t know much about Marvin Holmes, the other incumbent but Vallario must go. Remeber that. Listen to the interview I did with Ron the last time he ran. 


Nick Charles, Darryl Barnes and possibly Wala Blegay. Nick and Darryl are two guys I’ve followed for quite some time. Darryl was very accessible and forthcoming when I first moved to the county and was establishing my lil blog. He remains the same and I want him to have a chance to make the district better. I need to speak with him because I have ideas. Nick means well for this county. Nick is a parent who’s child will ACTUALLY ATTEND PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY SCHOOLS unlike some of ya candidates, one in particular actually. His platform includes better communities, economic empowerment and healthcare. He’s well connected without being cliqueish. Derreck Davis is one of the incumbents who has done little to nothing but enrich himself and is a product of cronyism


Tim Adams because Douglas JJ Peters seemed oddly bothered to talk with me. He acknowledged my wonderfulness after he understood I knew what I was talking about and that I’m a blogger. Hint: all constituents are special and somebody. Peters may be indicted soon so best to cut him loose. *does a Lebron James chalk toss* That’s that.  


Everette Browning has to be elected because State Senator Joanne C. Benson has been at this long enough. She talks a good game but her time is up. A guy sitting next to me at a candidates forum pointed out that Benson had declined to vote on minimizing drug sentences for persons caught with small amounts of marijuana, a bill that would greatly impact minority populations. I checked it out and he is right. Tiffany Alston is running too and while I believe she deserves a second chance in life,  I just don’t think she’s the candidate to best represent Maryland State Senate District 24 right now.

Del. Angela Angel

Angela Angel is simply the one. GET IT ANGELA! She’s currently a delegate running for state senate and has a firm grasp of the political process and legislation, unlike Douglas JJ Peters who couldn’t recall what DACA was. Man for real? DACA? But I digress. Angela is a lawyer with political experience and she’s survived domestic abuse and homelessness. As a legislator, she has put the work into creating bills to benefit the county. What impressed me was her ability to recount how the state had to put in place a tax bill to counter the tax cuts that were eliminated on the federal level. Angela is running against former delegate Melony Griffith and newcomer veterinarian Jonathan Rosero (a good candidate actually). I like Rosero and believe his time to win is coming; someone like Angela Angel or one of the new At-Large councilpersons needs to have him working for them.