PGCo School Board Facing 16 Discrimination Suits (Demo)

Intimidating old white people, referring to a person as “Zamunda” because he’s Kenyan, calling staff hoodrats, ghetto, and chickenheads, and here’s a new one, liking dark-skinned people over light-skinned people: all THIS is being alleged in discrimination lawsuits filed against the Prince George’s County School Board. 
Lawyer Bryan Chapman is representing 16 separate plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits ranging from $5 million to $10 million – seems a bit pricey to me but it’s not my call.  All the allegations stem from Largo High School.
So you’re telling me that these people matriculate with a focus on education and upon entering the workplace, revert to behavior not condoned from children at the elementary level?
Read the article HERE and SOMEBODY tell me that this is all a lie.  Tell me this is a scam and these “professionals” are not behaving this badly.

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