PGCo’s Friday Roundup (Demo)

10 year old sexually assaulted in Temple Hills, PGCo concerns repped at Rail-Volution, burning car & body in Forestville, Prostitution Free Zones legislation moves forward, Rosecroft Raceway reopens today, Rep. Donna Edwards being called a troublemaker 

Good to know that Prince George’s County’s transportation issues were represented at the recent Rail-Volution summit.  Aubrey Thagard of Prince George’s County’s Office of the County Executive noted that 1/4 of the federal workforce resides in PGCo and the County’s desire is to reduce automobile trips and locate workers closer to home.

Body found in burning car in Forestville

Councilwoman Andrea Harrison has introduced legislation aimed at creating prostitution free zones in Prince George’s County.

Friday night, Rosecroft Raceways reopens with live horse harness racing

Rep. Donna Edwards talks about the unfairness of the recent Maryland redistricting.   “The redistricting process is inherently political, but it doesn’t have to be unfairly political.”

Residents come to the aid of 10 year old girl being assaulted today at around 4:50 p.m., a 10 year old girl was approached and and forced into a nearby wooded area where she was assaulted.  Several witnesses who heard the victim calling for help went into the woods to assist and scared the suspect away.   Glad someone was there and RESPONDED!

  • PGCo Police find this animal! QUICK!

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