PGCo’s Problem is DC’s Discarded (Demo)

On the same day that PGCo police briefed reporters on the recent death of Jasmine Jerona Banks, which took place near the MSG Club, the DC police held their own press conference to pat themselves on the back for successful citywide efforts that have caused a decrease in crime. 

Hi, my name is boo-boo the fool.  And that’s who ALL OF YOU ARE TOO if you believe that “citywide efforts” stemmed the tide of crime in DC.  Crime is decreasing in DC because gentrification is pushing people likely to commit crime into PGCo.  Home prices and rent has skyrocketed in DC and that rocket is blazing through Anacostia, Trinidad, and other areas of the city where poor and working class people used to be able to live. 

First Problem: Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you HAVE to be criminal and it doesn’t give you the RIGHT strike out at your community in anger.  You don’t have the right to tear up a neighborhood or harass people on the subway because you’re poor or not DC-style rich. 
Second Problem:  I’m a native Washingtonian and am GALLED at DC police poking out their chests like they di so much good for the cause of DC.  Your criminal stats have gone down because DC has effectively pushed all the poor refugees into apartment camps located on the outskirts of PGCo that lead directly into DC. 
Third Problem:  STOP HAVING KIDS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO RAISE THEM!!!  Criminal behavior will stop in poor to lower middle class neighborhoods when parents police their children and social structure is enforced by the family.  PERIOD.  Too much birth control is given away like tick tacks and free balloons for people to keep having babies, leaving them to fend for themselves, then loosing them on society for us to contend with on the subway and the streets.  STOP IT!!!!  Be responsible for your family.
Fourth, and probably not last, Problem:  PGCo residents and homeowners better step up to the plate and start reporting every suspicious activity in sight.  Kids sitting on your steps? REPORT IT.  Loud music? REPORT IT.  Garbage in the neighborhood? REPORT IT and address it.  Guard your investment and your territory.  If you own your house or rent your apartment, you have the right to a peaceful and clean neighborhood.  Get active and come alive.  Has this surburban living made you dull? 
Fifth Problem and I think I’m out:  Don’t be afraid to be called snooty, snob, bourgie, and the like by your own people.  Being Black or Latino does NOT require that you embrace a perpetual hood life.  You can keep your ethnic card without having to debase yourself or commit crime every year as a renewal fee.

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I think you’re right that demographic changes has led to an increase of homicides in PG County – along with the stresses of the economy creating relatively few job opportunities. PG County is trying to gentrify, and to some extent it may. But if so, where will the working poor and the poor go? PG County planners have presented a plan to gentrify the Langley Park area – with no plan on affordable relocation. So there are challenges facing the poor – some of whom act out their problems.

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