Philadelphia Needs to Be Suspect (Demo)

Prince George’s County’s former Superintendent William Hite has hired his fired former colleague, Matthew Stanski, to be new chief financial officer for the Philadelphia school district. 
Matthew Stanski, was allowed to “resign” after approving a nice, FAT, UNAUTHORIZED 6-figure check to the Human Resources Director Synthia J. Shilling after she “resigned.”  See the post on why Shilling resigned.  
From the Washington Post, William R. Hite Jr., the county’s former school chief who left this summer to take the top job in Philadelphia, hired Stanski to deal with the Philadelphia school system’s troubled financial situation. He started his new job as chief financial officer Monday.  Stanski left the county school system in September after the Board of Education discovered that an unauthorized payment was made to the former head of human resources after she resigned. The board also terminated Roger C. Thomas, the general counsel, after an internal investigation.  At the time, Briant Coleman, a spokesman for the county school system, said an allegation was made that procedures were not followed regarding severance packages for former members of the administration. The allegation led to a review by Interim Superintendent Alvin Crawley, which ultimately led to to the dismissals.
Coleman said Tuesday that Stanski and Thomas appealed their terminations and were allowed to resign. The Board of Education accepted their resignations effective Sept. 27, which was the day of their terminations.”

Stanski and Hite
Stanski and Hite

Philadelphia’s school board spokesperson, Fernando Gallard, as on Nov. 21st wouldn’t even issue a statement acknowledging that Matthew E. Stanski had been hired but Stanski starts in the position on Monday where his salary, on paper, will be $175,000.  PHILLY WATCH OUT!!! If Prince George’s County got rid of Stanski, it’s a safe bet to put your lotto ticket money on anything BUT Stanski.  Even in a school system bogged down with ingrained corruption, David Stanski’s misdeeds stood out.  It should also be noted that Hite has hired Karen Lynch, who ran the student services office in Prince George’s. Lynch is now Philadelphia’s chief of student services.
Philly, keep an eye out for these three amigos.

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