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I’m determined that this day will not suck.  It seems to be going pretty quickly, despite it starting with the awful news about a the murder of Howard University (my alma mater) student Omar Sykes.  Reportedly, Mr. Sykes and a friend were approached by 2 assailants that attempted to rob them.  The student that was with Mr. Sykes was beaten and injured but is physically ok.
Shockoe Valley BridgeAnother young death was reported today.  A 19-year old from Bowie was found dead after possibly falling off Shockoe Valley Bridge in Richmond, Virginia.  It was reported by The Patch:  “Police say the victim was a passenger in a vehicle and became combative with others inside. The driver pulled the vehicle over and the victim got out. The victim then fell from the bridge. The body was transported to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner to determine cause and manner of death.”

Jamell Stallings
Jamell Stallings

The police are working both these cases but it must be a doozy to have to work a case against one of your own.  Earlier this week, Brandywine, MD resident and former DC police officer  Jamell Stallings was convicted of stealing her own brother’s identity and taking out over $20k in loans just to live a life of upper-middle class luxury.  Now she’s lost her career and will do jail time.  Jamell Stallings is also the owner of Heavenly Homemade Cuisine.  “Former Metro Police Officer and Brandywine resident Jamell Stallings, 46, has been sentenced to 18 months in jail after being found guilty of counterfeiting, identity fraud and theft in February 2013. 
Maryland State PoliceRacial profiling seems to be like an addiction for some police officers.  If you can only see Black people as criminals, then you can’t uphold the law.  You just cant.  And after reading this story from the Baltimore Sun, you have to conclude that these cops are incapable of upholding the law.  The plaintiff should actually receive more than $55k for the way they tried to set him up.  “The state Board of Public Works agreed to pay $55,000 Wednesday to settle a lawsuit in which an African-American motorist alleged that two state troopers illegally searched him and his car in a case of racial profiling  The board — made up of Gov. Martin O’Malley, Comptroller Peter Franchot and Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp — ratified the deal reached by the attorney general’s office after being told the cost of contesting the case could exceed the amount of the settlement.
Nevertheless, according to the state, Maryland State Police Superintendent Marcus Brown believes the case can be used to train troopers to avoid bias in police activity.  Seth Rosenthal, lead attorney for plaintiff David K. Martin of Philadelphia, said the settlement is unusually large for a case brought against the state police by an individual. “That’s an indication the state police realized their troopers’ conduct was problematic here,” said Rosenthal, of Venable LLP’s Washington office. “Hopefully, this settlement will be one more step along the way toward curbing the problem or eliminating the problem.” 
Racist EggsThe lawsuit, filed in 2011, alleged that during the initial stop, Trooper Jeremiah Gussoni unlawfully searched Martin and continued to detain him after finding no contraband. According to Martin, Gussoni called for backup to search the car and was joined by Sgt. Christopher Conner, who conducted a second search of Martin and found a loaded handgun in his waistband.  According to the suit, a search of Martin’s car found no contraband, but Martin was charged with illegal possession of a handgun. The complaint says he received only a warning on the alleged traffic offenses. Martin contended that the weapon was legally registered in Pennsylvania.  The state dropped the case when Martin appeared in Cecil County District Court in December 2009, the suit said. But the suit said that shortly after Martin left the courthouse, Conner stopped him again at almost exactly the spot of the first encounter — allegedly for driving 73 mph in a 65-mph zone.”

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