Police Matters: IPhone, Prostitution, & Racist Hate Mail (Demo)

Prostitution sting snags 30 in College Park: NAMES NAMED

NYT writer’s stolen lost IPhone tracked to Seat Pleasant

Councilman Campos has received racist hate mail

The Prince George’s County Police District I & IV Special Assignment Teams, Narcotic Enforcement Division & FBI Human Trafficking Unit collaborated on a prostitution sting involving 5 hotels in College Park.  Doesn’t that just make you NEVER want to sleep in another hotel room again?  Female officers posing as prostitutes engaged the would-be johns over the phone after placing fake ads on websites devoted to solicitation.  On Wednesday, August 1st,  all the dum-dums took the bait and officers arrested 13 men for assignation (the act of meeting up in order to exchange sex for money) and six women on prostitution charges.

PGPD Prostitution Sting
PGPD Prostitution Sting

The Prince George’s County Police Department is in the process of charging the following people with prostitution or solicitation of prostitution:  John Amtequera, 33, of Silver Springs; Oscar Benitez, 42, of West Lanham; Joseph Cadet, 46, of Beltsville; Jamesyin Chi, 42, of Rockville; Mahndel Green, 39, of Bowie; Mark Hallenman, 55, of Annapolis; Niegel Kham, 27, of Beltsville; Keith Lambkin, 34, of College Park; Asburton Nelson, 50, of Silver Springs; Visuas Patel, 42, of Laurel; Anig Sawat, 49, of Berwin, Md.; Clifton Stone, 52, of Bladensburg; Michael Zeydelis, 40, of Reisterstown; Alexis Williams, 29, of Cleveland, OH; Channel Karnes, 23, of Orlando, FL; Jershelle Bey-Wilson, 24, of Washington, DC; Bernadette Harper, 27, of Washington, DC;  Angela Oladiji, 23, of Washington, DC; Gloria Reyes, 42, of Hyattsville
Councilman Will Campos, who’s district is pretty diverse (Hyattsville, Adelphi, Mt. Rainier, Langley Park, etc.) has received some racist hate mail because he’s Hispanic.  What a pack of losers would do this?  Councilman Campos sites a need for cultural education barriers and such as things we need in order to bridge the gap.  These emails are calling Hispanics “cockroaches” and claim that illegal immigrants are having anchor babies to the tune of $235k.  He has not contacted the police because he said he doesn’t consider the emails a direct threat to his safety.  Dude, report the emails.  Racists are some nuts.

IPhoneEven though the police and the victim New York Times technology columnist and CBS Correspondent say that David Pogue lost his phone Monday on an Amtrak train, I believe that it was stolen, probably twice.  Pogue, as you can tell by his job titles, is a gadget guru.  He enlisted electronic resources to recover his IPhone including the Apple app, Find My iPhone, Gizmodo.com and Twitter.  He also tweeted Julie Parker,  Media Relations Director for PGCo Police Dept.  Pogue let the virtual world know that his phone was pinging in Seat Pleasant, Maryland.  The found the phone in the backyard of a residence in the 700 block of Carrington Place in Seat Pleasant.  I’m telling y’all, some dummy stole the phone and ditched it when they couldn’t disable the tracing features.

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I have always liked Will Campos. When I lived in Hyattsville, I would go to the candidates forums and I liked his vision and how he presented it. He always received my vote. That’s HORRIBLE that folks are sending him hate mail like that!
Back to the prostitution ring. What I heard on the news and what disturbed me so is that SOME of the johns would say that they would pay EXTRA money to have sex WITHOUT THE CONDOM!!! You would KNOWINGLY have sex with a prostitute who has had other men and maybe a few without the condom!?!?!?! WOW You’re willing to take THAT chance?! #flooredstill.

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