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February 25th has passed and everyone running for a nomination in the June 24th primary election has filed, including that crazy Tiffany Alston. See the full list for Maryland (delegates and senators) HERE and the list for Prince George’s County HERE.  Find out who’s competing to represent you. I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Tiffany Alston, former Delegate for District 24 who was removed from office after being convicted of theft in Anne Arundel County is trying to regain her seat in District 24.
Tiffany AlstonTiffany Alston who had to do community service and in 2013 was DISBARRED by the Court of Appeals, showed up 20 minutes before the filing deadline to file papers to represent you District 24.  Oh it’s a motley crew running in District 24.  Greg Hall is back too.  Please see the PGC Blog post for more on his shinanigans because right now, I just can’t.  Darren Swain with his shifting stories on what happened that night he was allegedly robbed is also running for the seat to which he was appointed.  Delegate Carolyn Howard is another incumbent delegate that I’m neither familiar with or sold on because I have to research. Will also be taking a look at incumbent delegate Michael L. Vaughn who at least has sense enough to have a website with access points, email sign up,  and information on his platform.  THANK YOU! I’m telling you, take a look at this map of legislative district 24 and take a look at the candidates for the delegate seats HERE and vote on June 24th wisely.  Yeesh. There are some new names (to me, that is) that might be a better choice like Phillip A. Raines,  A republican Cy Okoro and democrat Delaneo L. Miller were too hard to find so why on earth should anyone vote for them?
District 24 Legislative

Vince Canales
Vince Canales

Mr. I really Want to Be Your County Council Member aka Chesty aka Vince Canales has littered his Twitter feed on a daily with news of a “special announcement” coming March 29th at high noon.  What a way to build up the drama. Is he maybe getting an endorsement from a person with a last name or one that’s not listed as a consultant?  Meanwhile Councilman Todd M. Turner is out and about campaigning in District 4, cutting ribbons at L.A. fitness in Bowie and setting up flowers for his wife and daughters. And talk about a list of endorsements. Turner has endorsing him:  Hon. Douglas J.J. Peters State Senator (23rd District); Hon. Paul G. Pinsky State Senator (22nd District) Hon. Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. State Delegate (23rd District); Hon. James W. Hubbard State Delegate (23rd District); Hon. Geraldine Valentino-Smith State Delegate (23rd District); Hon. Tawanna Gaines State Delegate (22nd District); Hon. Anne Healey State Delegate (22nd District); Hon. Alonzo Washington State Delegate (22nd District) Hon. Joseph Vallario, Jr. State Delegate (27th District) and this is only a portion of the list.  See full list HERE.
Derrick L DavisMy Councilman Derrick L. Davis (Dist 6) has candidates running against him. Former state delegate Gerron Levi has thrown her hat into the race. She formerly represented District 23A so she’s no newbie.  Republican Kenn Blanchard, or “Black Man with a Gun” as he’s known on Youtube, and newcomer Pierre Augustin round out the list of District 6 County Council contenders.

Todd Turner at LA Fitness
Todd M. Turner at Bowie opening of L.A. Fitness

Find your Maryland State elected officials RIGHT HERE.  It’s no shame to not knowing which district you live in or how the congressional and legislative districts are broken down.  A shame would be doing nothing about it.  I live in District 25 so let’s take a look at what’s going on there. I’m currently represented in the Maryland House by Delegate Aisha Braveboy (D),  Delegate Dereck Davis (D), Delegate Melanie Griffith (D).  My state senator is, God help us, Senator Ulysses Currie.  A google search of Mr. Currie’s name will return results reflecting my need to call on God for help.  He was censured by the Senate and fined $10k for some shady looking consulting he did for Shoppers Food Warehouse. My state Delegate Melanie Griffith is running against Senator Ulysses Currie for the state senate seat.  I ran into Delegate Griffith at County Executive Baker’s re-election campaign headquarters opening a couple of weeks ago.  She was nice, worked the room, and she was approachable.  ALWAYS BE KIND TO THE BLOGGERS!! Definitely am going to interview here. So already you can see, we have an interesting race.  I encourage you to check out your own district or write me and I’ll feature your district here.
Please know that we are currently working on a wall of shame for all the legislators that have whack websites and/or broken links or no contact information beyond some rotary dial phone collecting dust on a wooden desk.  Yes, we’ll be naming names and expecting you to do better.
See below for a photo gallery of County Executive Baker’s campaign headquarters opening.  Baker has little to no opposition this year. I believe he’ll be voted back into office with no problem. 


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Well I believe you would want to talk with me. I am the husband of one of the delegates seeking to be on the ballot. I have to be honest if she wins it will be down right scary

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