Politics of Redistricting and District 6 Council Race

I haven’t blogged in more than a year for more reasons than need to be included here. But I’m back at it with new focus and precision. I can’t cover everything and every part of PGCo. I can focus on areas relevant to life in PGCo and residents in my local area. I’ll break that down in another post.

Let’s dabble in POLITICS today.

Last night’s PGCo Council meeting for their, and I mean THEIR, redistricting map was a 4-hour exercise in futility. More than 150 people were scheduled to testify, all in opposition to CR-123-2020. Oh the histrionics that ensued as the sneaky six gave their reasoning for voting to adopt the redistricting map that blocks Eric Olson from being able to run and keeps council members Streeter and Harrison from having to face opponents that they barely beat in the last race.

Councilman Mel Franklin made the case for throwing out the Redistricting Commission’s equitably drawn redistricting map because that’s we the council did 10 years ago. He really thinks because the council didn’t deviate from the process, what they’re doing isn’t unethical. My current council representative is Derrick Leon Davis and I’m so disappointed in him. This legislation does not honor the best interest of PGCo residents. Councilman Davis is serving his last term and we’re waiting to see what his next political endeavor will be. Meanwhile, I’m closely following the County Council District 6 race.

The candidates are:

  1. Wala Blegay
  2. Barbara Holt Streeter
  3. Denise Smith
  4. Nakia Wright 
District 6 Council Candidates
(l-r) Blegay, Holt Steeter, Smith, Wright

I am not including Belinda Queen because she has not officially resigned from the School Board and declared her candidacy. I’ll be following this race, the County Executive, States Attorney, Governor, and County Council At-Large seats. I’m sick of politician-only-people. I’m wanting a savy, servant leader who knows how to use politics to the advantage of the people. Stay tuned because I’ll be breaking down each of these candidates platforms, personalities and potential.




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