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Washington, DC is waking to a new Mayor. Oh I know that it’s just the democratic primary and current Mayor Vincent Gray has another 9 months on his term before he heads off to jail. But Muriel Bowser beat him handily (42% to Gray’s 32%).  Muriel is singing a different tune now after last week’s fiasco that erupted on Twitter over her comments on women (see posts HERE and HERE).  Last I heard post primary election was her kum ba-yah  on the middle class as an American right and a chorus on the need for housing that is safe, clean, and affordable.  I’m hoping the best for Bowser and that she keeps this message of inclusion well after the election is over.  I’m a DC girl and I know that homelessness and poverty in DC have a direct impact on Prince George’s County.  It’s imperative that DC do more for its working class citizens and address the rampant homelessness of children and the mentally ill. They can’t keep shuttling their residents into surrounding counties. 
DC General HospitalThe condition of DC General Hospital is atrocious and has been for YEARS.  With all the surpluses DC has had in their budget, last year’s surplus alone was $168 million, you mean to tell me that nothing could be given to renovate or build homes for families in DC?  It could be done right where on the very campus of DC General.  Muriel Bowser is on DC’s Economic Development Committee which oversees the Department of Housing and Community Development, District of Columbia Housing Authority, Housing Finance Agency, and the Housing Production Trust Fund.  It should also be noted that Muriel Bowser voted against legislation (Large Retailer Accountability Act/ See Bill HERE) in DC that would raise the minimum wage from $8.25 to $12.50 per hour.  Wal-Mart strongly opposed this legislation, along with other businesses; a Wal-Mart was slated for Bowser’s Ward 4 at the time also.  Muriel Bowser said she hopes to have the support of all Democrats for the coming election where she will face independent councilman David Cantania.  What the residents want to know is do they have her support.  The voter turnout was about 22% of the voting po

Who are you gearing up to vote for in this post-redistricting era?  I’ve been asking for input from politicos in the county but everyone’s a bit too busy to get back to me so I’m researching for myself, which is what I strongly encourage you to do.  Take a look at the legislative district maps for 2002 versus 2012.  You can see some major changes:
Legislative Maps Comparison 2002 12
Let’s take a look at District 27 The current State Senator incumbent is Thomas V. Mike Miller who’s being challenged by Republican Jesse Allen Peed. His Twitter description is God Guns, Conservative Small Business Owner. Ummm, nevermind.  Don’t get me wrong, I share some of Peed’s stances but I just don’t think he’ll beat Miller.  Let’s move on to one of the districts that was redistricted specifically to create a majority Black district.  District 23 senate incumbent is Douglas J.J.Peters has been a state senator since 2007; he also served as District 4 Councilman 2002-06). The current 2012 district no longer includes Calvert County (82% white and about evenly split between Republican and Democrat). David Grogan, a relative newcomer, is running against Peters.  Grogan has received support from the Coalition for Change and has been sounding off on a platform that “pay for play” in Prince George’s must end.  I’m not sure of Peters platform but I know he’s been in session as a senator so stay tuned.  How will Peters fair in a district that was specifically designed to have a Black majority?  Has he done enough for the Bowie area to keep his seat?  As a Bowie resident, do you even know Douglas J.J. Peters

Del. Alonzo Washington, PGC Blog
Del. Alonzo Washington, PGC Blog

Another hot district race is District 22 where our County Executive’s son, Rushern Baker IV is running for state delegate.  One of the three incumbents in District 22 is Delegate Alonzo WashingtonHe doesn’t know it yet, but I think Delegate Alonzo Washington (Dist 22) is a winner.  He’s only been in office since 2011, but his rise from poverty and homelessness to be a public servant and give back to his community by way of scholarship and service is the kind of commitment to betterment I like in a person and in a  politician.  The current incumbent state senator for District 22, Senator Paul Pinsky, originally chose another nominee for Delegate Washington’s position but the Democratic Central Committee eventually voted in Washington, this after the resignation of Justin Ross in 2011.  District 22 seats are being pursued by two Republicans, Thomas J. Slezak and Lynn White.  The other District 22 incumbents are Delegate Ann Healey and Delegate Tawanna P. Gaines.  Read up on Delegate Alonzo Washington at his website.  Incumbent Senator Paul Pinsky faces a challenge from Republican Janice Fountaine, a prophetess who even some Maryland GOPers concede may be lil easy to dismiss due to the wording of her beliefs online. People of Riverdale Park, Landover Hills, Greenbelt, New Carrollton, Bladensburg, Hyattsville, and Edmonston: You live in a pivotal place. All kinds of development is booming in Hyattsville and coming to New Carrollton.  Make sure you check out who wants your vote.
Tiffany Alston Mary KayYou know who else wants your vote, and I’ll just end on this one: former delegate, disbarred lawyer, and current Mary Kay representative Tiffany Alston.  In the chronicles of what to do when the checks stop coming, I present to you District 24 delegate candidate Tiffany Alston in all her pink Cadillac glory.  Alston has every right to change and redeem herself; I’ve said the same thing about Greg Hall.  What this county doesn’t have is the luxury of allowing Tiffany Alston to do this as the face of District 24, another district drawn specifically to represent the Black population.  Come to terms with it. Prince George’s County is a Black county (for now) and much about it is highly scrutinized.  If all things were equal, former Governor Bob McConnell (R-VA) would have caused the politicians of Virginia and the very state itself to be reviled after the scandal and federal indictment of the governor AND HIS WIFE. Might I remind you how every living and creeping thing in Prince George’s County had their entire right to vote debated during and after the Jack Johnson mess?  Uuuurgh.  Moving on. 
Bobby Henry  and Joanne Benson
Henry (l) Benson (r)

The District 24 incumbent senator is  Joanne BensonBobby Henry (he ran for state senator district 23 in 2010) is running against her.  Henry is an ordained minister and a lawyer who’s issues include improving the school system, improving safety and the economy along with supporting our veterans.  Senator Joanne Benson has been in office a long time.  She was a member of the House of Delegates from 1991-2011, and a state senator since 2011.  In 2010, Senator Joanne Benson was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, which was then headed by Vince Canales.  Now that Canales is running against Todd Turner for County Council, District 4, Benson has returned the favor of the FOP endorsement and endorsed Canales.  As of late, Red Maryland and Climate Howard have reported on her shrieking and yelling at a hearing and leaving the room for much of the testimony on a bill she sponsored.  I’ve written to Bobby Henry to tell him that his online presence is kinda nonexistent.  His website doesn’t say much but you can check him out HERE.  Benson only requires a Google search and bam, you got her.
Maryland Juice has a great post on all the hot topic Maryland legislation.  Post HERE. We can read along together.

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