Post Election: Now What? (Demo)

I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m glad President Obama was re-elected but make no mistake, I chose President Obama as the lesser of two evils.  Politics is not an arena where I find compatriots, just people with which I can commiserate.  Love him dearly, but Mr. President is too far to the left for me.  The other option, Mitt Romney the outsourcer, the really rich guy who wouldn’t show us his tax forms, Mitt the foreign relations monster,  the guy who believes most U.S. citizens (47%) will never take responsibility for their lives, well, ummm, NOPE to a vote for Mitt.  I mean really, how do you go to England during the Olympics and manage to hock off the officials and citizens there?  
Marylanders were bombarded with a host of ballot measures ranging in topic from gay marriage, a senate seat,  and gambling expansion to school board members and circuit court judges.  It was a LOT to take in.  Maryland voted in favor of everything.  Bring on gay marriage, gambling, Ben Cardin, in state tuition for children of illegal immigrants, and old school board blood.  Take note that most of the school board races were decided by less than 4,000 votes in all but 2 races: Carletta Fellows and Henry Armwood where Fellows won by more than 5,000 votes; Edward Burroughs III ran unopposed.  The School Board Chair Verjeana Jacobs came within 2506 votes of losing her District 5 seat.  That race was tight when I’m sure incumbent Jacobs didn’t think it would be.  To his credit, President Obama knew he was in for a tight race; he wasn’t incredulous like Jacobs. Mitt the Twit
New York Time’s Nate Silver and American University historian Allan Lichtman both predicted that President Obama would gain re-election using completely different models.  Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich believed that Mitt would win and in high fashion.  All any of them have now is hindsight, be it from the victor’s podium or the mourners pew in the back.  We have the same in Prince George’s County.  Some of the issues and candidates that I supported were toppled, some stand.  Now what? 
Now we do what the Congress is poised NOT to do: we move forward.  Prince Georgians have a school system to make better, a housing market to stabilize, crime to stop, and an economy to build.  I don’t agree with a lot of County Executive Baker’s choices or his methods, but I will work with him to make the county better.  I’m no dummy.  I know that there exists insurmountable chasms between my politics and the status quo.  In those cases I will build anew.  I refuse to be an armchair quarterback, shouting about missed plays but never in the game.  It’s our county and we have to suit up, get in there, and make it work.

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