Prince George’s County Christmas Craziness (Demo)

I had a great weekend.  The production “Christmas Gift!” from Nolan Williams Jr. at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center was great.  Great storyline, excellent acting, singing, and set.  Definitely going to see it again next year because as Nolan said, this production is ever evolving.  The show left me feeling all Christmassy and happy because instead of having to circle the block 97 times like we do with Constitution Hall or pay out the wazoo in parking fees like at the Kennedy Center, the Hubster was able to pull into a close parking lot on the University of Maryland campus; no stress.  Christmas is not supposed to be a time of stress.  The whole country seems abuzz with robberies, accidents, and strife: oh my.  Did you hear the heart breaking story of the couple in New Jersey who were carjacked Sunday Dec. 15th in a mall parking lot?  A couple leaving the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey were carjacked and the husband, Dustin Friedland, was shot to death my the thieves. The couple’s late-model silver Range Rover was discovered abandoned behind a vacant, boarded-up house on Renner Avenue in Newark’s South Ward Monday morning.

Ashley Tomika McCrae
Lil Ms. Ashley Tomika McCrae

A like minded thief was at it on Sunday morning in Prince George’s County, but she (yes SHE) picked the wrong victim.  Around 4:15 am, Prince George’s police arrived at the 6000 block of Hope Drive for a shooting involving a Temple Hills homeowner. The homeowner,who’s also a Washington, DC policeman-AHAHAHAAA!!) had just arrived home when he was approached by the shot-gun armed fesuspect, 26-year-old Ashley Tomika McCrae. Lil Ms. McCrae, of the of the 3500 block of 6th Street SE, was armed with a shotgun and made demands of the off-duty officer. The homeowner shot Tomika. Tomika then got into a nearby car and fled the scene. She was later apprehended in DC at a hospital as she sought treatment for her wounds.
FireFeaturedImageThen Weezy gets arrested for arson.  Louise Blount, 59 years of age, of no fixed address was arrested on Dec. 13th and charged with 3 Felony counts related to a set fire. She is charged with 1st and 2nd Degree Arson and Malicious Burning for a fire that occurred on November 7, 2013, inside an Oxon Hill apartment building in the 2100 block of Alice Avenue.
Lions ClubThen SOMEBODY stole the Lions Club power generator they use to light their Christmas tree lot.  For goodness sake, the sale of those trees from that lot is donated back to needy people in the community.  Pack of lousy thieves.  WJLA reported on the pack of thieves, “Members of the Lanham-area Lions Club who staff the Glenn Dale Boulevard tree lot say that someone broke through a fence and made off with one of two borrowed generators the organization was using. The theft, which will end up costing them thousands of dollars, is a blow to their annual fundraiser. “Stealing from the charity is like stealing from the poor, because all the money we collect here goes back to the community,” Jim Cocchiaro, the coordinator of the tree lot, said. “There are honest ways to get that. You don’t need to steal.” All of the cash the Lions Club collects from their tree lot goes back to services provided by the organization, such as providing hearing aids and glasses to those in need, along with sending kids to summer camp. Cocchiaro believes that the thieves broke through the brackets that held the lot’s fence together, grabbed the generator and got away through a nearby wooded area. It’s the first time in 24 years that anything like this has happened, he says.
Regardless of the theft, members of the club say they’ll persevere. “I’m not going to let one or two incidents change 24 years of our lovefest between the Lions Club and this community,” Lions Club member Joe Gaffigan said. “They’re not going to stop us.”
Santa Claus BlackAND FINALLY: Santa and Jesus have been declared to be white. A suburban Albuquerque teacher who told a black student that Santa Claus is white has been placed on paid administrative leave. Rio Rancho school district spokeswoman Kim Vesely confirmed on Tuesday that the teacher is out of the classroom while the incident is being investigated. The teacher’s comments came after students at Cleveland High School were told they could come to class dressed as Santa, an elf or a reindeer. Michael Rougier says when his ninth-grade son, Christopher, arrived with a Santa hat and beard, the teacher asked, “Don’t you know Santa Claus is white? Why are you wearing that?”  The incident happened the same week that Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly said both Santa Claus and Jesus were white. 

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