Prince George’s County Council Dist 4 Hot Seat (Demo)

UPDATE: Todd Turner IS OFFICIALLY ON THE BALLOT for District 4 Councilman!!  Alright now.  Turner filed 12/31/13 and is an official contender.  Read more about him in the post below.  There were some that believed that Todd Turner wouldn’t be running and that this was seat was a shoe-in election for Vince Canales, but recent scandals and explicit pictures of Vince Canales have changed everything.  See the story below for more details on the Canales scandal, and just know that there’s more information being released as I type. UPDATE: Vince Canales has filed as a candidate for County Council District 4. Yes THAT Vince Canales. You don’t recall who he is?  Let me refresh your memory: Naked selfies Vince.

Vince Canales
Vince Canales

District 4 Ballot
Well well well, Todd Turner, you have some competition now.  AAAHAHAHABAA-HAHAHAA!!  I’m sorry. Seriously.  People stay informed about your candidates.  Take the time to research them and decide for yourself who should receive your vote.  Who will represent you without SHAMING you and the entire county.  Vote smart. Read more below on the candidates.
UPDATE:  TheaWilson, my mystery candidate mentioned in the post below, has gone public with her bid for District 4’s County Council seat.  UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Thea Wilson is now running for Delegate 23B seat.  See my post HERE. See her website HERE and her Facebook page: Thea Wilson – County Council – District 4.  Her slogan: Transparent accountable leadership.  Mrs. Wilson has been a county resident since 1986. She managed and secured multi-millions in revenue from the Federal, State and Local governments, Sub-Prime Contractor and the Minority Business Enterprise communities for Digital Equipment Corporation (now Hewlett Packard) and the Xerox Corporation. Thea Wilson is also a published author. “No Longer Bound – A Spiritual Approach to Permanent Weight Loss,” is her book about how she lost 80 pounds and maintained a healthy, spiritual life.

Thea Wilson and FamilyAnd look, here’s a picture of her with her family.  She’s been married 27 years and so far, no nude selfies of her have surfaced (See semi-nude selfies of Vince Canales below).  LOL!!!  Also, she’s a minister and member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro.  It’s shaking up to be a real race.
Who’s running for the Council seat for District 4 in Prince George’s County?  The new chairman of the County Council, councilman Mel Franklin, needs to view anyone coming to the Council circumspectly.  Mel, dude, make some calls.  I know it’s technically not the current council’s decision to make but I’m just saying, make some calls.  Currently the District 4 seat, representing Upper Marlboro, Glendale,  Greenbelt, Westchester, parts of Lanham-Seabrook and Upper Marlboro, is held by Councilwoman Ingrid Turner.  Turner was first elected to the Council in 2006 and is now serving her last term.  Who will follow her illustrious service?
Todd M. Turner
Todd M. Turner

Will it be Bowie Councilman Todd M. Turner? Mr. Turner has held positions both with the County Council and the Maryland General Assembly.  He’s currently the Legislative Officer for the Prince George’s County Council and an At-Large Member of Bowie’s Council; he also held the District 3 Bowie Council seat from 2003-2006.  He has a slew of community work under his belt, he’s served on various community advisory boards, economic development boards.  Did I mention he’s a lawyer with extensive in/out of state experience with legislatures?  He has an extensive record of achievement and public service.  Read is for yourself HERE.  It’s quite a read.
Question Mark balls
There’s another possible candidate that I’m hearing about that would have great support from the faith community because of their position at a prominent megachurch.  This person has served the public, been an example of positive change, and is head of a health related outreach.  This possible candidate hasn’t formally declared a run and they all have until February to file as candidates.
I. Vince CanalesVince Canales, *heavy, heavy sigh*, is the retired (as of Dec. 11th) President of the Prince George’s County’s Fraternal Order of Police.  I’m told he’ll be announcing his run for District 4 Councilman at his retirement shindig tonight.  I would go through his bio but he’s been in such a big hot mess that I’m just too tired.  Read his bio for yourself on his site: Vince Canales for Council.  He served in the Air Force, became a policeman then a detective, and a couple more things.  I just can’t with him.  Uuuurgh. By now, most of you have seen the awful story about him and his 23-24 year long affair with Leslie Wimes.  It’s a big mess.  See the story from HERE.

Of all the texts, pictures and nasty bits I’ve seen with Vince Canales name attached, the most disturbing is a text to his then mistress Leslie Wimes regarding his return to the Prince George’s County area “with a bang.”  A disturbing reference from the President of the Fraternal Order of Police to the airplane crash that killed two police officers in Ocean City.  See story here.  Even if this Prince George’s County could get over Canales’  financial woes (public record), his alleged adulterous affairs, alleged swing lifestyle (I said alleged because what I’ve seen I can’t post because it’s probably illegal), and the relationship Canales has with his daughter born to Leslie Wimes, even if residents could get past all that,  to see his flippant, sarcastic reference to fellow police officers who have lost their LIVES??!!! What kind of person says that and WHY should anyone in this county vote for him?  Let’s face it, the ugly stain of Jack Johnson plagues this county.  Repeat after me: There will be NO VOTING FOR CANDIDATES who abuse the public’s trust.  Mr. Canales, I believe in second chances, deliverance and rehabilitation.  I just don’t believe you can serve such a large public while in the process of any of these.  
Canales Equals

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