Prince George’s County Council: Just Say No (Demo)

They’re all democrats.  Together they vote and agree on their yays and nays, whether it be legislation or appointments.  I guess there’s something to say for togetherness but there’s more to say about checks, balances, and accountability.  I’m talking about the Prince George’s County Council. 
In an effort to research past County Council members, I searched various county government sites and found a listing of six former council members.  Soon after emailing the County Clerk and the Maryland State Archives, I was contacted (alright county government workers!) and provided web links to Maryland government archives and a list of PGCo Council members from 1971 to present.  Now I’m asking myself, just what would you like to see accomplished?
Rumblings of rubberstamping appointees and legislation have me on this quest to see the County Council mix up their make up.  Eight democrats and three republicans: that was the original make up of the 1971 County Council.  Add to that a republican County Executive and you officially have a political party mix representative of what was PGCo’s past constituency.  Today’s County is a different demographic but nonetheless, diverse.
According to Census Bureau reports, Maryland is now 48% minority, with the largest concentrations in Prince George’s and Montgomery County, but that doesn’t mean we’re all one big political bowl of gruel.  There are fiscal conservatives, social liberals, mean green organic machines, staunch republicans, and tea partiers.  Where are their Council representatives?  Where is my Council Representa…oh yeah, I live in District 6th and thanks to Droopy Drawers Johnson and Jack “that thief” Johnson, I have no representation right now. Bitter much?
The Washington Post has endorsed Derrick L. Davis for District 6 seat, noting that he is backed by current County Executive R. Baker, several current Council members, and Davis supports the initiatives of Executive Baker.  Executive Baker is currently rolling around in a vat of butter scented political favor, as he should be considering the performance of his predecessor so undermining or even questioning him will quickly land you without an endorsement and maybe without financial backers.  It will also leave you without a debt and free to legislate. 
Whether it’s Polk or Gardner or Bethea or Taylor or Lewis or one of the other many candidates, SOMEBODY on the Council has to call into question future appointments, legislation, appropriations, and change the burgeoning view of the County Council as a small, private club.

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