Prince George’s County Council Social Media Presence (Demo)

Even Marion Barry, DC Councilmember and mayor for life,  has his own Facebook page and a Twitter account!!!!!  To give a morsel of credit, there is a Facebook page for the entire Prince George’s County Council but the last posting was December 21, 2011, which is fair considering they’re on recess until this month.   

To date, the following Prince George’s County Councilmembers are not individually present or accounted for on Twitter or Facebook:

  • Eric OlsonCouncil, 3rd District and Vice Chair of the Council
  • Andrea Harrison, 5th District and CHAIR of the Council
  • Ingrid M. Turner, 4th District
  • Obie Patterson, 8th District, Chair of the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee

Come on people. 
Members Mel Franklin, 9th District, and Derrick L. Davis, 6th District lead the pack by having both Facebook and Twitter.  Mary Lehman, 1st District, and Will Campost 2nd District, and Karen R. Toles, 7th District all have Facebook pages but no Twitter accounts. 
Image: digitalart / Councilmembers, your constituents want to hear from you and know the inside scoop on what’s going on in their county, district before the local news takes the information and twists it into another negative spin on life in PGCo.  See social media an effort in proactive proprietary rebranding.   All progressive city/county councils should be moving in this direction but their not.  I did a brief check on Alexandria’s City Council and some of their members are online, some are are not. 
Prince George’s County Council: you can be the forerunner instead of taking up the rear in a movement that we should have lead.  Constituents, if your council member’s aren’t online, write them and ask why.

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