Prince George’s County Quick Bites (Demo)

I can’t say that I’ve been frequenting restaurants in Prince George’s County as of late.  There still aren’t enough stand alone or non-franchise restaurants for my liking.   Another problem with looking for my kind of dining, especially in the Spring through the Fall is after a great meal, I like to take a stroll or stop off at another spot for dessert and people watching.  Prince George’s doesn’t yet afford that unless you’re in Takoma Park or at National Harbor.  I know College Park has some spots but I’m at “that age” where the prospects of  having to dodge drunken, loud college kids as I take to the sidewalk is not my idea of fun.  I do have a couple of spots on my radar though, like The Common in College Park which I might try during the Inaugural College Park Restaurant Week.  How about that?!   16 Restaurants are participating; I’ve included a listing of their restaurant week pricing specials at the bottom of this post. 
What PGCo food experiences I have had of late or have indirectly experienced were good, bad, and sometimes ugly.  Here’s a quick rundown.
CrabsCrabs:  I tried Ernie’s Crab House in Lanham, Maryland’s Fresh Seafood in Watkins Park Plaza, Shoreline in Gambrills/Bowie, and Homeboys in Largo on Campus Way Plaza, but when I tell you Ruff N Ready in Hyattsville still has the BEST crabs in the area.  They are full, flavorful, and not overcooked.  They even tasted good the next day when I nuked them.  Now they’re shrimp, on the other hand, were not pleasing to my Hubster, so no more shrimp from them.  I’ve had hollow, rotten crabs from Shoreline on 2 occasions. Crabs are too expensive for me to keep fooling up with Shoreline.   Maryland’s Fresh Seafood has great steamed spiced shrimp, but I went there for crabs and an irate (but dignified) older lady was returning her crabs because she said they tasted awful, so I stopped my order in its tracks and bowed out of the place gracefully.  I’d had crabs from there before and while they weren’t rotten, they were just ok.  Homeboys is another place that will do in a pinch.  Crab season comes around once a year and I’m not wasting my time on what will do anymore.  Ruff N Ready it is and will be for this blogger.
Irie Cafe LogoWhen it comes to West Indian Food, I’m spoiled.  One of my best friends is of Jamaican lineage and I’m accustomed to the best.  Whether it’s escovitched snapper, rice and peas, breadfruit, ackee and saltfish, cabbage and carrots, curry goat or whatever the dish is, I know what it’s supposed to taste like.  So it is with great sadness that I must report by way of an indirect review on Irie Cafe on Alaking Court in Capitol Heights across from the Wawa and near Chipotle and Chick-fil-a.  My in-laws and 20-year-old nephew ordered oxtails from them and all three of them threw the food out.  ALL of it.  My in-laws can roll with most things from Jamaican and soul food to pizza and various junk foods, so for them to chunk all this food into the garbage was a sign of epic failure on the part of Cafe Irie.  To their defense, I have not tried them and maybe this was a bad day in the kitchen for them.  
The review below from one of my BEST BUDS and Brother in the blogosphere Sam McLemore of is for another spot on my radar in Silver Spring.  I want to keep my money in Prince George’s County but looks like I’ll be spending in Montgomery County really soon:
8407 Kitchen Bar Interior Wall8407 Kitchen Bar takes the prize for being the most awkwardly-situated restaurant worth discovering. In its unasssuming home nestled in downtown Silver Spring, 8407 served up one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory. To wit, I had the succulently delicious Cocoa & Coffee Spiced Hudson Valley Duck Breast, and added the much-lauded Duck Fat Fries (with Cilantro Aioli, which MUST be sampled with the duck. Dang—now I’m hungry all over again!). The duck was served in juicy, flavorful slices atop slightly crispy kale and sherry-macerated local blueberries. Add the fries to the mix, and nirvana hastily ensued! My dinner was complimented with a bold and refreshing Hennessey Black-infused Coke, complimentary bottled water with lemon wedges for the table, and followed up with a Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée ( and a crafty, clandestine tasting of a small forkful of a friend’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart).  Hey, no one told him to go to the bathroom then!  Also, let me not be so obsessed with the food that I neglect to say that the service was exemplary.  David, our waiter, who learned and remembered all our 6 names, never responded or inquired without a warm, engaging smile, and always appeared magically at the right time for absolutely everything. So run, don’t walk to 8407 kitchen bar! I can’t sing its praises enough!
 Bon appétit!  Sam

Duck Fat Fries Sam Ate
Duck Fat Fries Sam Ate

College Park Restaurant Week
College Park Restaurant Week Participants:
Aroy Thai
 $15.00* for a three-course meal with one item from each category below:
Curry puff
Garden roll
Sweet and spicy chicken wings
Thai fish cake
Thai hot chicken wings
Veggie spring roll
Main Course (choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, vegetable, shrimp, or seafood.
Drunken noodle
Green curry
Pad thai
Pad pak ruam
Pad prik king
Panang curry
Fried crispy banana
 *Price is $16.00 if either shrimp or seafood is chosen for the main course
Asian Fusion Restaurant
 $9.99 for one item from each of the three courses below:
Chicken or vegetable items only
Main Course
Chicken or vegetable items only
Azteca Restaurant and Cantina
 Offering the following specially-priced items:
Ceviche mixto – $7.00
Chile con queso supremo – $6.00
Hawaiin BBQ quesadilla – $8.00
Main Courses
Fish tacos – $10.00 for two
Pescado frito – $13.00
Tacos aztecas – $10.00
Gelato – $4.00
Summer margarita – $8.00
Watermelon sangria – $6.00
Big Play Sports Grill
 $18.50 for a three-course meal with one item from each category below:
Arena Caesar salad
Big Play house salad
Big Play wings (8)
Main Course
Alley-oop blackened chicken pasta
Catfish po’boy
Roasted Asian veggie wrap
Sweet potato cake
Calvert House Inn (Riverdale Park)
 $14.95* for a three-course meal with one item from each category below:
Main Course
Beef kabob
Blackened chicken pasta
Chicken marsala
Fresh catch of the day
Grilled chicken and spinach ravioli
Seafood linguini
Shrimp Calvert
Shrimp and scallop tortellini
Tara’s favorite pasta
Ice Cream
*Only available Sunday through Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.
The Common (Marriott Inn and Conference Center)
$14.95 for two All American Breakfast Buffets (regular price of $29.95 for two).
$10.00 for the sandwich of the day special with homemade fries, soft drink and mini dessert of the day (average regular price of $15).
$40.00 for a three-course dinner for two (average regular price of $73):
Appetizer (one for each guest)
Caesar salad (romaine, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and croutons)
Main Course (choose one for each guest)
House made meatloaf with bacon, sour cream mashed potatoes, and mushroom sauce
Grilled chicken paillard with cucumber, tomato, white bean, and arugula salad
Seared Loch Duart salmon with braised greens and dill raita
Additional vegetarian option available as well
Dessert (one to share per two guests)
Warm apple and walnut cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream
Free parking is available
Shuttle service available for lunch to and from Campus. Call 301-985-7300 for details.
Reservations required through the restaurant’s website (
Offer valid during the following hours of operation:
Breakfast buffet – 7:00am to 10:30am Monday-Friday; 7:00am to Noon Saturday-Sunday
Lunch – 11:00am to 2:00pm all week
Dinner – 5:30pm to 9:00pm all week
Cornerstone Grill & Loft
 $13.13 for a two-course meal with one item from each category below:
Fish & chips
Grilled Old Bay wing basket
Tater tot nachos
Main Course
Cowboy burger
Cuban salad
Trio of BBQ sliders
 $12.00 for the fish sandwich of the day, small order of fries, and your choice of dessert
Hanami Japanese Restaurant
 $18.00 for a three-course meal with one item from each category below:
Gyoza (meat or vegetable
Shrimp tempura
Tatsuta age
Main Course (served with miso soup)
Maki combo of 3 different regular/hand rolls
Tempura entree (chicken or vegetable)
Teriyaki entree (chicken or vegetable)
Veggie maki combo
Fried Banana
The Jerk Pit
 $15.00 for a three-course meal and drink with one item from each category below:
Garden salad
Jerk/BBQ wings
Soup of the day
Main Course (served with either rice & peas, white rice, bread and vegetables, or salad)
Curry chicken
Escoveitch tilapia
Jerk chicken
Jerk pork
Jerk tofu
Stew chicken
Carrot cake
Rum cake
Sweet potato cake
Bottled water
Jamaican soda
Tropical Rhythms juice
Ledo Restaurant
 $15.00 for either of the following three-course meals:
Italian pasta trio with chicken, a fresh garden salad, and a slice of gourmet cake
Famous lasagna, a fresh garden salad, and a slice of gourmet cake
Looney’s Pub
 $15.00 for a three-course meal with one item from each category below:
Mac Bites
Mozzarella Sticks
Breaded Corn Nuggets
Main Course
Jerk Tuna Bite Sliders
Pulled BBQ Pork Quesadilla
Meatball and Cheese Sub
Cheesecake Brownie
Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie
Dessert of the Day
The Maryland Smokehouse
 Coming soon
Ovo Simply Veggie
Coming soon
Pho D’Lite
 $9.95 for a two-course meal and drink with one item from each category below:
Cripsy fried egg rolls
Fresh shrimp summer rolls
Main Course
Pho noodle soup (choice of any variety)
Rice bowl (choice of beef, chicken, or pork)
Vermicelli bowl (choice of chicken, pork, or veggie)
Thai iced tea
RJ Bentley’s
 $6.50 for any of the following items:
Cheese quesadilla
Chicken fingers
Chicken wings
Jamaican jerk chicken fingers
Cobb salad
Chicken salad plate – white meat chicken salad, garnished with cantaloupe and assorted cheeses
Coupe De Ville – grilled and marinated chicken breast topped with bacon and jack cheese
Deuce Coupe – ham, turkey, bacon, and cheddar cheese on a sub roll
Dusenburg – triple decker club sandwich
1/2 priced burgers on Wednesday only

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Personally, I’m a Muffin Man type of guy for my Jamaican food. There are a good host of Caribbean restaurants in PG, but for me this has always been the best and most consistent. Not to mention their muffins are delicious.

I’ve been there once and it was delicious, authentic, spicy. I’ll have to revisit. It was years ago when I went.

Just leaving an endorsement of Hanami Sushi in CP. The best, relatively unknown sushi spot in PG. I know they don’t offer “traditional” techniques or presentation. But, by god, their sashimi and nigiri is super tasty and super affordable.
Best cheap date joint if you’re into girls who are easily impressed by middle-of-the-road exoticism.

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