Prince George’s County Term Limits (Demo)

Section 307A of Prince George’s County Charter:  Term Limitation –  No person shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms on the County Council.  No person shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms as County Executive.  This Section shall apply to all persons who are currently serving on the County Council or as County Executive on the effective date of this Section and to all persons elected thereafter.
(Petition ratified Nov. 3, 1992)

Prince George's County Charter Commission
courtesy NBC4

The Prince George’s County Charter Commission, charged with making recommendations on County Council members’ salary (currently $102,486) and extending term limits for the council and county executive is an APPOINTED commission.  Hmmm, appointed by who? Would the “who” who appointed this commission really appoint  people capable of voting against raises and longer term limits for the “who” who appointed them?  I think not.  I realize this Commission has held some public forums but I can’t find a listing of their names anywhere nor can I find a copy of their reputed report recommending that an extension of term limits be put on the ballot to vote.  Term limits are in place for a reason and they positively need to stay there.  Don’t get me wrong, there exists a small group of politicians who stand for the people.  Did I mention that this is a small group?  Ultimately, politicians are people easily corrupted, easily transformed into shrimp and liquor politicians, such as some of them are right now.  Some of our elected officials who promised to represent their constituents are easily swayed into signing away the transit oriented development dreams of the people who elected them at the passing of an hors d’oeurve plate.
Harry Thomas Jim GrahamOf the top 25 longest serving U.S. Senators, 16 are democrat,  and of the current U.S. Congress’s longest serving Representatives, 14 are democrat, so I guess it’s no wonder that republicans, lead by Rep. Mick Mulvaney (Republican-SC) have proposed a bill to limit terms for Members of Congress to a total of 24 years.  Whatever their reasoning or motives, I support this effort for the U.S. Congress and I support term limits for our county.  There are a few officials I’d like see get another term, but like I said, it’s a few.  Prince George’s County residents defeated proposals for longer term limits in 1992 and 2000; I believe it will be defeated again if brought to ballot.  My fellow Prince Georgians, I know that all around us, Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Charles County, term limits are a thing of the past.  I was a resident of DC in 2001 when the illustrious Council overturned term limits.  I was hot as fish grease.  How dare you overturn what the people have voted on.  What did it gain DC? Legacy candidates like now jailed Harry Thomas Jr., career politicians like former councilman Jim Graham who drove Black businesses and mom & pop shops out of NW DC and was caught up in a bribe scandal where his chief of staff took the fall while he “voluntarily” resigned.  Already, Prince George’s County Council members and candidates have enough bones falling out of their closets to fill a graveyard.  Do we really want them in office indefinitely? 
Keep term limits in place. Both Councilman Mel Franklin (chair) and Will Campos (vice)  argue for term limit extensions.  See Tracee Wilkins story for their reasoning and exerpts from the Charter Commission’s report. County Executive Baker is in favor of them also.  The Council will vote on this measure by July 23rd.  If they vote to adopt this measure, it goes on the ballot of our general elections in November.  Please be aware and vote responsibly.  


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Agreed! With the current MD system of incumbent slates and their “sample ballots,” it is nearly impossible for an incumbent to lose an election. As long as that part of the system is not reformed, they should not even think about messing with the term limits. Term limits are the only mechanism we have in place to get some new blood and ideas into the political power structure.

You are right. The voters have spoken on term limits three times. The law has served the county well. It is the height of arrogance for politicians to make the voters defend their law once again. For the politicians, it is just a simple vote and their special interest cronies push the measure for them — while on the clock! Citizens, however, have jobs and lives and have to spend their own time and money to protect a law they put on the ballot and voted for overwhelmingly THREE times.

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