Prince George’s Overlooked by Google Offers (Demo)

Prince George’s merchants shafted by discount deal companies.

I subscribe to almost every discount subscription service there is: Groupon, LivingSocial, Amazon Local, Thrillist, The Capitol Deal, DealCHicken, Bloomspot, Gilt City, Yipit, and some others, all in an effort to scrounge up and pass on a couple of deals to my county residents.  Most of the deals are for movie theater tickets and Cold Stone Ice Creamery; some spas offer deals but not often.  According to Google Offers, the newest company to take the discount dance floor, “the company looks for high-density areas with a variety of businesses when choosing what areas to regionalize with its offers.”  Groupon and LivingSocial said pretty much the same thing.

Now officials are saying PGCo has been shafted.  SHAFTED I SAY!!! The Washington Examiner reports that Aubrey Thagard, PGCo deputy chief administrative officer for economic development and Jim Estepp, president and CEO of the Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable are steaming at this shafting.  SHAFTING I SAY!!  “It’s baffling considering that Prince George’s has the most affluent African-American residents in the country,” said Aubrey Thagard.  “The real mistake is made by these companies, and we’ve had this happen before, just not recognizing the demographics and the income levels in the county and missing the potential,” said Jim Estepp.
Hold your horses people. The truth is there are not enough areas densely populated with businesses in Prince George’s County.  The Mall at Prince George’s, Bowie Town Center, The Boulevard, Beltsville Plaza et. al. do not count.  Hyattsville is getting close to qualifying but it’s only recently on the come up.  Instead of being salty with the discount companies, take that energy and go after the County Executive, Governor O’Malley, the General Assembly, and all the supporting cast/characters and call them to the carpet on making PGCo a better place to do business.  Taxes are OUT OF CONTROL here.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the people here but I don’t wanna pay so much to look at you.  I’m glad to know that the County’s Planning Department is beginning to tackle the topic of transit oriented development along Metro’s green line, located in the southern part of the county, but this call to duty is in the recent past also.
It’s time to self check the county and the state and stop pointing fingers.  I’m sure there are businesses that don’t come to PGCo because of racist perceptions of Black people but I would venture to say that most of them just don’t want to go through the licensing, taxes, and other hassles associated with doing business here.
Don’t get mad.  Get better.

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