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County Executive Rushern Baker’s re-election campaign is hosting an open house this Saturday, February 22, 2014, at 11:00 A.M. at their campaign headquarters, 4500 Forbes Blvd., Suite 110, Lanham, MD 20706. I’ll be stopping through to see what’s what and reporting back to you.  Politics is fully in season and I plan on being something of a gardener for now on.  I’m going to harvest the good and root out the weeds.  Won’t you join me?


Del. Kris Valderrama (Dist 26)
Del. Kris Valderrama (Dist 26)

Finally heard back from Delegate (Dist 26) Kris ValderramaI’ve been calling her out on a regular as a guest host on the Women on the Move blog talk radio show (see video below, around 17:55 into the broadcast) for her lack of online presence.  She now has a “updated” website online at   If this is your district (Oxon Hill, Temple Hills, National Harbor, Fort Washington), check out her site, get signed up for her emails and pay close attention.  The Prince George’s County delegation has not been able to bring infrastructure projects to our county like the delegations in Virginia/Fairfax County.  Now I’m hearing that certain delegation members don’t like you comparing them to delegations from other counties.  You know what I have to say about that? TOUGH! We are seeing the Metro go to Dulles Airport, transit oriented development on steroids in DC, road improvements all around and we want our piece of the pie. Take a look at the Prince George’s County Delegation website, find your delegates, get on their email lists, and stay informed.  Some of the delegates really are pushing for better, but some of them are sitting on their behinds doing NOTHING.

If you get a message like this one: [box type=”warning”] Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].[/box]
DON’T GIVE UP! Try the Maryland General Assembly email. 

Nail Shop DoorThere is legislation afoot being reported on by my fellow PGCo blogger Prince George’s Urbanist: The bill, CB-101-2013,  makes it so an automobile repair shop, pawnshop, check cashing establishment, liquor store, or fast food restaurant that otherwise would not be allowed in a residentially-zoned area might be permissible if that residential area is in a TDOZ or a DDOZ. CB-101-2013 changes the way that use restrictions operate in Transit District Overlay Zones (TDOZs) and Development District Overlay Zones (DDOZs). It allows planners to include uses that are otherwise prohibited in an underlying zone in the applicable Transit District Development Plan or in the applicable Development District Standards. If the planners do not include the additional uses at the time the plan is adopted, the property owner can apply to have them included as part of the detailed site plan application for his or her individual property.  Thus, for example, an automobile repair shop, pawnshop, check cashing establishment, liquor store, or fast food restaurant that otherwise would not be allowed in a residentially-zoned area might be permissible if that residential area is in a TDOZ or a DDOZ.
Mel FranklinThe bill was sponsored by Councilman Mel Franklin.  My blogger colleague seems deadset against the bill, but I’m not so sure.  Thriving DC neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan, and Brookland have businesses and residential homes as neighbors; sometimes there is a residential dwelling on the floors above a business.  There are legitimate issues with the way the bill was introduced, according to Bradley Heard, “Franklin hurriedly pushed his bill through council: Repeating a trick that he unsuccessfully tried at the end of the 2012 session, Franklin fast-tracked this bill so it could avoid the ordinary scrutiny that other zoning bills receive. He “introduced” CB-101-2013 on October 22, one week after the last day for introducing regular zoning bills. “Introduction” is normally the second step of a three-step legislative process. By skipping the first step of “presenting” the bill, Franklin was able to bypass the usual referral to and hearing before the PZED Committee that he chaired at that time. Then, after a faster-than-usual public notice period, the full council voted on the motion on November 19.”  I’m sure my colleague is going to do much as I’m going to do.  We will follow the money.  When political candidates file for re-election, they have to file a disclosure of contributions with the State Board of Elections.  Let’s just follow the money.
Joseph Vallario Ebony IvorySpeaking of the State Board of Elections: Let me quickly sum up some of what’s going on for Prince George’s County:  Thea Wilson is no longer interested in running for Council , now she wants to be your state delegate for District 23B.  I can’t and goodbye Felicia. Wilson has the typical issues at the heart of her campaign, that being education, health, economic development, but not much else that I can see.  I won’t completely shoot down her run though. Why? Because  everyone currently in office as a Senator or Delegate needs  one of three things: 1. FIRE lit under them  2. To NO LONGER serve in office  and /or 3. Better representatives to serve with them.  Other candidates include current Delegate to Dist 27A, Joseph Vallario Jr. (ethics issues), Ron Watson (hasn’t tweeted yet at @RonForMaryland on Twitter), and incumbent Delegate Marvin E. Holmes Jr.   WAIT A MINUTE!! Pump the breaks. Did Joseph Vallario Jr. move from one district to another or something?  How is he currently a delegate representing Dist. 27A but running to represent 23BJoseph Kitchen over at Joseph’s Entire Kitchen Sink informed me that REDISTRICTING is going into effect for Vallario’s district in the next election, so now he’s the problem of the new district.  Whoa, whoa is District 23B if they vote Delegate Joseph Vallario back into office as one of their two delegates.  Vallario has quite a ugly past.  Time to get rid of him.  The more you read on this guy, the worse he looks, not to mention this photo of him with all black, non-light-reflecting hair is taking me to town. 
Take a look-see for yourself at everyone, so far, that has declared their candidacy for County Council seats HERE. exclamation mark


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With regards to the Honorable Joseph Vallario…until the people grow tired of his triannual picnics and his slap on the back (just before election time or so I have been told – he gives great picnics; I have never attended one) he will continue to do as he pleases!!!!
I am the person who filed the Ethics Charge against him last summer; a team of his crony peers found that indeed he and his son could be in the same physical space, sharing the same office resources and ancillary support and never have reason to discuss cases that come into the Vallario Law or the revenues that come into the law firm were not discussed hence and therefore there was no conflict of interest that he chaired the Judiciary Committee spent hours with me advocating to changes in the law but never revealed that he was aware of the death of my child which is all I really would have wanted…I knew going into the complaint that he would be found innocent because many have told me that his is a dictatorial reign and he is the king!!!
Thanks so much for your link to my case but there is so much more and perhaps some contender will run a good race and unseat him for the Judiciary Proceedings for the entire state of Maryland to include the proceedings for our youth and society in general deserve better. Further, he sits on the Board for the Commission for State Sentencing Guidelines…we should be outraged that anyone person should have so much power…I can remember a time when there were those who thought that the Honorable Malcolm X had too much power and he was not in a position near so powerful!!!!
Below are other examples of his sheer disregard for the wishes of the people. Further down will be a link to an article about his Campaign Finances and if we can crucify Tiffany Alston for a lot less then certainly the people must become outraged and unseat him for the good of everyone!!!!!!
“A fellow Montgomery County Democrat, Del. Luiz Simmons, said that Vallario once “desk-drawered” a bill he sponsored for seven years before the chair allowed a committee vote.
And that was just one incident in a long, not-so-storied history of Vallario’s propensity for burying legislation he simply doesn’t like, or, as many have said, laws that may affect his trial lawyer/defense attorney livelihood.
Over the course of his chairmanship Vallario has been attacked, blamed and criticized by fellow legislators, lobbyists and even members of his own committee for what has sometimes seemed as blatant disregard for the rights of crime victims and worse, being easy on those who commit those crimes.
In 2010, then-delegate Sue Kullen (D – Calvert County) sent a letter – on behalf of the Women’s Caucus – to House Speaker Michael Busch, claiming that Vallario was, basically, unfit for the chairman’s role due to despotic leadership tactics and boorish treatment of witnesses appearing before the committee.
And, in what has become Vallario’s signature self-important stance on well, everything, the delegate answered the Washington Post’s inquiry about the letter by offering, “People do anything to get in the paper. Look where she is now.”
Kullen is now is out of the legislature; she lost her reelection campaign in 2010.
From drunk-driving laws to mandatory sentences for gun crimes to sexual predator legislation to being hailed as a “hero” to the illegal immigrant-backing Casa de Maryland, Del. Vallario has long faced accusations of conflict of interest and an unyielding misuse of power.
But Vallario’s pompous pettifoggery and dictatorial behavior was never more on display then it was during the 2013 General Assembly session.
The Judiciary Committee had just approved an amendment to Gov. O’Malley’s Constitutionally-questionable gun bill that would have imposed both mandatory minimum sentences and the elimination of dimunition credits for those who commit violent crimes using stolen firearms.
Vallario, apparently not happy that his committee had just betrayed the legal profession with its mandatory minimum actions, called for a revote, claiming that the first tally represented a “wrong count.”
The recount killed the amendment and obviously gave Vallario the result he was seeking all along.
That scenario, and the manner in which it unfolded, brought the loudest outcries yet regarding a politician who uses his office for personal gain…”
“But, if this investigation were truly about ethics, then the convergence of Joseph Vallario’s career and committee chairmanship would have been examined years ago – long before the accident that caused the death of Ms. Pettigrew.
Because this delegate, who has been in the Maryland Legislature since Gerald Ford was president, should never have been allowed to rule over a committee that oversees the manner in which his (or any other) law firm makes its money.”
Kenniss Henry
I do not know how large your readership is or if anyone will ever see this post but I shall continue to decry the Honorable King Joseph Vallario’s behavior.

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