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This is all going to sound like a jumbled mess but I’m going to make a go at it anyway.  It’s political news from the newbie.  I preface this post with a plea that you all jump right in with your comments and pass along this post so that I can better navigate Prince George’s political landscape and all its bumps in the road.
Turner and MuseState Representative (Dist 26) Veronica Turner, which is quite an oddly shaped district at my glance, is running for State Senate seat held by Senator C. Anthony Muse.  Muse has been on the wrong side of Governor O’Malley‘s political agenda and the wrong side of the court system.  Muse was summarily kicked off the Maryland Senate’s Finance Committee and “reassigned” by Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller (D-Calvert Co.) to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.  This move made way for the passage of Maryland’s Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013.  Senator C. Anthony Muse suffered a big blow in 2012 when the church he pastors, Ark of Safety Christian Church, filed for bankruptcy.  Now his District 26 counterpart in the House is running against him.  Representative Veronica Turner has filed as a candidate for Muse’s seat.  This after serving as a state representative since 2003.  Muse has served in the Senate since 2007, the House from 1995-1999.  In a Washington Post interview, Rep. Veronica Turner said, ““So many people in the district believe we need someone who’ll listen to them and someone they can count on,” Turner said she expects to have significant union support in the June 2014 primary. She enters the race with the backing of the AFL-CIO.”

I’m just asking what happened?  Is District 26’s stock going up because it will now be the home of the new casino and Westphalia Town Center?  Did Rep. Veronica Turner‘s support of gay marriage and Senator C. Anthony Muse’s opposition cause a rift or maybe a crack?  I shouldn’t leave out that Sen. Muse is also facing opposition from lawyer Brian Woolfolk. In the same Post article, Woolfolk said that District 26 “desperately yearns for change” and needs stronger representation than either Muse or Turner can provide.”  Add to this story that David Sloan, Special Advisor on Governor O’Malley Intergovernmental Affairs staff, has declared his candidacy for District 26.  Former DC Policeman Keith L. Gray is running too, along with entrepreneur and education advocate Vernon O. Holmes.  District 26.

Woo. This primary race is going to be one to watch closely.  Get ready for June 24, 2014.  Which candidate is the right one to represent such a soon to be prestigious parcel of legislative land?

Vince Canales FedEx to former mistress
Vince Canales FedEx to former mistress

You all know I’ve been following the District 4 Prince George’s County Council seat since Vince Canales naked chest hit the web.  More allegations are being made.  One is that Vince Canales, while President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 89, used FOP funds to FedEx packages to his former mistress Leslie Wimes of Women on the Move Amazingly, this mess  Vince Canales made keeps getting messier.  Bowie Councilman Todd M. Turner has officially filed as a candidate and his website is up and impressive.  I look forward to hearing more of what he has to say about moving this county forward.  He is endorsed by the current County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner, members of the Bowie City Council, Greenbelt City Council, the Democratic Central Committee as well as state legislators Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters, and many others.  See his website HERE for more.  
Darren Swain Question Marks FeatureThere’s a lot more ground to cover.  Did you all know Delegate Darren Swain is running for District 24 Delegate?  I personally think he needs to take a seat after that robbery mess.  He’s probably breathing a sigh of relief that the details of the case never made it out of the grand jury but it’s all suspect.  I’ve heard terrible things about why Rep. Swain was out that late at night trolling about.  When you represent the people, it’s your obligation to get it together.  Thankfully, lawyer and national political advisor Erek Baron is running against him so the people of District 24 have a realistic option for representation.  Greg Hall is running too and I’m just not going there right now.  

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I hear Tamara Davis Brown will get into the district 26 House race. She is a long time community activist who almost beat Mel Franklin in the 2010 District 9 County Council race despite Franklin being backed by the Senator Miller/Delegate Proctor slate. You are right, sounds like it will be an interesting race!

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