Prince George’s Real Estate Rising from Ashes (Demo)

New Carrollton chosen as an “upside potential” neighborhood, Prince George’s County real estate on the come up, Councilwoman Karen Toles says the Council is playing favorites with transit development

New Carrollton may be full of potential but according to this Washington Post neighborhood gallery, a major federal tenant is needed to “jump start” development.  I don’t think so.  Sure a major tenant is needed, but not necessarily a federal agency. 
From Washington Business Journal, “Washington-area housing prices posted healthy October gains, with the best year-over-year increase in Prince George’s County, according to listings service MRIS.  Monthly analysis from its RealEstate Business Intelligence unit shows metrowide the median sales price in October was up 13.3 percent from a year ago to $362,500. Sellers got, on average, 96 percent of their asking price.”  Woo-hoo!
The Prince George’s County Council is considering a resolution to create the Town Center at Camp Springs Development District, right near the Branch Avenue Metro station.  Councilwoman Karen Toles is reportedly salty that metro stations in her district are being overlooked, “I look at this as cherry-picking one particular area over another,” she said. “We’re going to be sitting here 15 years from now wondering when a Metro station like Suitland or Naylor Road is going to be developed.”  I have to agree with Toles (yes, THAT Karen Toles) on this one, it is imperative that the subway stations closer to the District of Columbia receive some priority.  Suitland, District Heights, and Capitol Heights are so full of great architecture and walkable neighborhoods that it would be a shame if these areas were overlooked.  Just think, there could be developed neighborhoods near public transit WITH CHARACTER where people could still AFFORD the rents and mortgages.  Novel thought.

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