Prince George’s Strip Clubs Disguised as Banquet Halls (Demo)

Strip ClubDid anyone else see MyFoxDC’s investigation into strip clubs masquerading as banquet halls in Prince George’s County?  Oh it was appalling.  What was even worse was councilwoman Karen Toles‘ denial that she knew anything about the prostitution and nasty goings on at these clubs, this after calls from community activist Camelia Styles told Fox 5 that our council members are well aware of these strip clubs that are licensed as banquet halls.  Styles stated that they have contacted the office of Councilwoman Toles to help, to attend hearings, to do something to alleviate a declining way of life.  From the Fox 5 story, “Our FOX 5 crew saw full-on nude dancing and illicit activities inside Club Fuego as well as in South Carolina Cafe — or Irving’s [Strip Club] as it is known on the streets. ‘When we were leaving there, I thought that it was also interesting that some man walked up to me in the hallway and immediately knew to come to me and starts asking me if I was looking for a job,” said Tina Frundt, human trafficking survivor and founder of Courtney’s House.” The Fox 5 news producer was able to buy brown liquor at these “banquet halls” too.   Tina Frundt talked about how Prince George’s County children, boys and girls under age 18, are being duped into working in these strip clubs then being forced into prostitution. 

Irving's Night Club
Irving’s Night Club: strip club

I believe Councilwoman Karen Toles can and will do something about this.  She is the co-chair for PGCo Council’s Human Trafficking Taskforce and has also been instrumental in having nightclubs shut down that have persistent problems with crime. The Chair of the Human Trafficking Taskforce is Michael Lyles. Karen and Michael, we need you to step it up and get on this.  Please don’t let PGCo be the place where prostitution and human trafficking has a safe place to fester.  From the Fox 5 story, Camelia Styles added, “I have personally called Karen Toles‘ office and asked if they would be at the hearings in respect to Irving’s,” Styles said. “They said that they were aware and that they were looking in to see what they could do. Whether or not she knows that there’s a problem, she can check the records, she can check the police records.” 
If you are being forced to prostitute yourself or know of someone else in this predicament, PU-LEAZE reach out for help:
888-373-7888 Maryland Human Trafficking Hotline or email contact form HERE
1-888-261-3665 Courtney’s House Hotline
To all my PGCo residents who live in the neighborhood with the likes of Club Fuego and Irvings Strip Club, FLOOD the inbox of the Human Trafficking team members.  Use their contact form found HERE.  See the full FOX5 segment below.  It’s a shame.  The county is trying to “brand” itself as a great place to live and visit. Well, ummmm…..

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This is silly! I still don’t know where this place is. There was no proof of undeage girls other than some woman saying she knows how old they are. Moreover, this comes out in the news with very vague reporting just days after northern va is identified as one of the top 5 areas for sex trafficing in the country. All media reports for Prince George’s county are designed to degregate and scare people away. I have lived in Prince George’s county all my life and the “whole” county does not sit inside the beltway where most if not 90% of the issues lie….and are so because they sit so close to DC!!

The Fox5 piece featured some pretty shoddy, if not sensational reporting. None of the reporter’s assertions were even verified, and “I saw it” just doesn’t cut it. The fact that Prince George’s was inexplicably targeted and painted as the dark epicenter of human trafficking was disturbing, especially to people who have known of the issue as a regional one, with NoVA and DC definitely outpacing PG as the “hubs” of trafficking. I won’t go as far as claiming conspiracy.
But, brace yourselves for some changes on the Liquor Board (whose chair now refuses to step down) and increased heat on the eponymous Irving himself. This would be a good opportunity for Alsobrooks and her prosecutors to step up to the plate. Residents have overly relied on the Council’s limited zoning ability to reconcile the issue (Davis is working this issue in his own district with the club, “Baz & Crue,” the apparent Masonic recruitment club, with a case that will probably end up in courts; “Irving’s” is in Tole’s district; “Club Fuego” is in D2 or 3).
Remember: some crazy court case has resulted in designating strip clubs as “protected speech”, so whatever happens, the County cannot ban them outright. The Council/Planning Board must allow the use in the zoning tables, which means there will may always be a strip joint in Prince George’s.
Ebony Inn.

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