Project XBox Players Suspended: Protest at High School (Demo)

 Honor roll student Shane James and three other students planned a 2:40 pm walkout at Northwestern High School to protest the loss of Filipino teachers who’s work VISAs are expiring and to sound an alarm about low teacher pay, large class sizes and the overall quality of education.  For his stab at civil disobedience, Mr. James and the other three students have been suspended.  The Principal of the school, Edgar Batenga, pulled the four students from class saying that his “main concern was making sure all 2,400 students in this building were safe and that all 2,400 students had the opportunity for their education. 
For their part in organizing the walkout, the students could have their future educational pursuits jeopardized if these suspensions stay on their permanent record.  There is a online petition to get the suspensions lifted.  NAACP Young Democrats President Larry Stafford and Christian Rhodes, education liaison for Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker have both voiced their support for the students.

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