Questionable to Illegal Funding of Housing Projects (Demo)

Jack Johnson Corruption Still making Prince George’s County Pay. 
Prince George’s County government still feeling the effect of former County Executive Jack Johnson’s gross mismanagement of funds.  The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Inspector General audited Prince Georges County’s 2009 administering of the HOME Investment Partnership Program and found that the county government didn’t properly oversee the program, consequently the millions in funding received was basically squandered.  At the heart of the current issue are nonprofit organizations that received funds to build affordable housing but weren’t even qualified to receive the funds  Jack Johnson funneled funds to such organizations as Roots of Mankind Corporation, Omega Gold Development Group, and Kairos Development Group but these nonprofits were found to “not meet the definition of a community housing development organization provided at regulation 24 CFR 92.2”, the HUD report alleges.  The scathing report found that Prince George’s  County gave $1.7 million to Roots of Mankind Corporation to renovate 11 homes at Romwood Square in Lanham and that project was never started or completed.  Wow.  There was another $1.2 million for rental assistance projects that the county couldn’t even account for.  Sadly, the County will have to repay this money even though the source of the problem and his wife are both locked up in jail.  I do wonder if the employees who financially benefited under Johnson’s administration are still there. 

Romwood Square, Lanham
Romwood Square

View the report HERERecommendations included in the HUD report include repaying as much as $2.261,594 and reprogramming over $3 million.  What a mess.

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