Ready for This to Be Done (Demo)

I could post the commercials here for Romney, Obama, Question 6, Question 7, ads featuring teachers, out of work factory employees, MGM employees, and let me not forget the ads that seek to scare you to within an inch of your retirement check, but I don’t want you to delete this post and run away screaming.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve either voted already or have your hot little hand poised to vote tomorrow.  Certainly I’m excited about being a part of the voting process but this time around, I’m just as excited to not have to see another commercial or ad banner for anyone’s cause.  
This election has further driven home the fact that you better research the issues and the candidates vying to represent you for yourself.  Quite frankly, the dialog and tweets on Twitter were more informative and sound than any of the coverage from CNN/MSNBC/FOX/ABC/CBS/ROLLCALL/USA Today/et. al.  I came away from the presidential debates with a disappointment in journalistic integrity.   To me it seemed that they were either too punked out to take a stand or pandering to the demographic that funds their salaries.  Thankfully, there were fact checking sites tweeting like crazy; LOVED THAT!! But not everyone loved it.  I was on the receiving end of tweets from people calling the President a Muslim socialist and some that blamed him solely for the demise of America as the populace knows it.  After the President stunk up the place in his first debate, everyone, no matter who you supported, had to acknowledge that it was a bad night for the President.  But after Biden and the President went on the demolish their opponents…*crickets.*  Oh yeah, crickets and a lot of bull from every major network.
Newspaper writers were much more candid and open minded so I think I’m going to subscribe for support.  The only thing that anyone listens to is your money.  The apps I have for ABC News and CNN have been deleted.  Speaking of listening to money, how about all that money spent on advertisements for and against gambling expansion?  GEEZ LOUISE!!! The last total I saw was $87 million.  You can vote how you want but let me encourage you to do this, ask your representatives how much money from gambling, be it the lottery or a casino, ever makes it to the classroom needs of students and teachers.  Ask them for statistics on THAT!   The prospects of Question 6, which would legalize same-sex marriage are grim.  A poll from the Baltimore Sun shows support for the measure slipping in a major way.  In September, same-sex marriage was supported 49% to 39%, now support has diminished, mostly because “some African-Americans who supported the measure or were undecided are now saying no. The numbers have moved amid television and radio commercials from the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which opposes same-sex marriage, and stepped-up efforts by pastors preaching against Question 6.”  The Dream Act is polling dead even too.  
Quite frankly, I don’t believe polls capture minorities, young adults, or people like me who don’t take unsolicited phone calls EVAH.  What this will boil down to is turnout. 
Find out the location of your polling place  HERE.

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Great post! Enjoyed reading this and let me also say I will be glad when this election is OVAH!

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