Redistricting Lines in the Sand (Demo)

Republicans are not happy about redistricting lines.

According to some Republicans, Maryland’s new redistricting lines separate people of like views.  Isn’t that what they’re doing all over the rest of the country? But I digress.  Of major concern is that conservative districts will be fused in with heavily African American districts.  Boy oh boy, the Republicans don’t even see the opportunity here.  African American Communities are usually Christian and are strong supporters of programs like Welfare to Work and faith based outreach initiatives.  African Americans in Maryland, by majority, don’t support legalizing same sex marriage, according to a recently released report by Gonzales Research and Marketing Strategies, Inc.  It’s just amazing how conservative Republicans can’t get past the whole color thing.  This is why I don’t believe most of them, especially their leaders, are really Christians.  All I ever hear is their talk of family values and invoking of God at ceremonies and for speeches but God’s spirit of reconciliation is not present in them.  I’m not saying that our church traditions or services have to be the same but the underlying Spirit of God that abides in Christians should enable self professed believers to push past skin color and address each other’s humanity.  To those conservatives who don’t want to be added to Black districts, please know that your intent is fully understood and the Black people you don’t want diluting your conservative vote see you for who and what you are.   
Sour grapes
Proposed Redistricting Map
Baltimore Sun Graphic of Redistricting Map


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