Redskins Relocating (Demo)

Redskins MovingRedskins owner Dan Snyder has “started the process” of planning a new stadium and while he says he’s open to new stadium locations throughout the entire DMV, he’s only met with Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe so far.  Our local NBC 4 station reported that their Richmond affiliate confirmed Dan Snyder has met with Gov. Terry McAuliffe to discuss a potential stadium in Virginia.  There has been no word from Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley or gubernatorial hopefuls Lt. Governor Brown and Larry Hogan; I’m waiting for their responses.  In the meantime, I respect VA Gov. McAuliffe’s hustle, “I come at this as the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” McAuliffe said last month during a visit to Redskins training camp in Richmond. “I am the chief jobs creation officer. My job is to grow the economy and I have a team here that is growing the economy. All the [Redskins] players live in Virginia. Most of the season tickets I’m told are Virginians. Everyone comes at it from a different perspective. My perspective as governor is I love the economic activity.”  We need a governor and local leaders with that kind of hustle.  
Redskins Losing FaceThe Redskins lease agreement with FedEx field comes to an end in 2027, but the 17 year old stadium’s occupancy could clear out long before that.  Money talks and lawyers can make a lease agreement go away, even if a penalty has to be paid.  Dan Snyder stated on Comcast Sports that he has”started meeting with architectural firms,” and that he has seen preliminary drawings.  His goal for a new stadium design is to have it “rock like RFK” did in the old days.  I lived not to far from RFK for a time and the place roared and rocked.  Snyder thinks this region deserves to host a Superbowl, albeit it a new stadium.  I’m no Dan Snyder fan but I believe in learning from people and organizations that have succeeded. 


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