Rushern Baker, Wherefore Art Thou? (Demo)

Last night, Radio One sponsored a State of Emergency “Live” Town Hall Meeting at Suitland Recreation Center.  In the wake of 6 murders of Prince George’s County students since this 2013 school year has begun, the community is galvanizing to take action and give voice to their concerns.  I must admit that I wasn’t there; I just didn’t get word that this was happening.  What I want to know is why County Executive Baker and Councilwoman Karen Toles weren’t there either.  I mean, I don’t drive…yet.  Both Baker and Toles  have cars and last I checked, valid licenses, right?
Correction from Davion Percy:  “Karen Toles was there & she contributed to the conversation.”
Karen Toles SpeedometerCounty Executive Baker issued a statement, “…this is not a problem that government can solve alone. I need faith leaders, non-profit organizations, civic associations and Prince Georgians from across the County to stand with public safety and school officials and me to address this tragic trend. Together we can ensure that our most precious resources have the ability to live out their dreams.”  In order for us to do anything together, our leaders must show up.   Not just any leaders but the major players.  Our council and our county executive have to recognize this a event that threatens the entire county.  The event was hosted by 93.9 WKYS personalities Angie Ange & Big G ( Anwan Glover) and Majic 102.3 personalities Cortney Hicks & Adimu; that’s nice.  It’s also nice the State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks and Chief Mark Magaw, some executives, parents of slain youth, and some other officials were there; see Praise 104.1 posting on the event HERE.

Baker (r), Darren Swain (l)
Baker (l), Darren Swain (r)

There needs to be a definitive and united voice for the county on the issue of this current youth violence.  Yes, I know overall crime statistics are down, and I know that Councilman Derrick L. Davis and others work hard to bring mobile units to schools and communities with social and medical resources, but at this moment there is an emergency that was not on the legislative or economic agenda.  There is an emergency and if the leaders don’t hurry up and show their lovely faces, the key players in this emergency will resign themselves to apathy until the next murder.  Get in front of this story County Executive Rushern Baker, and Councilwoman Karen Toles, cover him.


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