Same ol’ Day Gardner (Demo)


Day Gardner

In an effort to investigate and support the best person to represent the good people of PGCo’s District 6, I started my search in the opposite of my usual direction: I checked out the Republican, Day Gardner. 

First thing I found was a posting where she gave her opinion on the President’s omission of the words “by the creator” from a Sept. 2010, speech in which he paraphrased excerpts from The Declaration of Independence.  Her conclusion was “…a real Christian wouldn’t do that.”  Of course her posting included insinuations that the President is Muslim.  Now would a real Christian do and say things like that?
Watch the President’s 2010 speech, if you haven’t already:
I have no problem if you disagree with the President’s political/fiscal policies or his liberal stance on issues but when you strike out with the wingnut jabs at his faith because you don’t like the way he came to conversion, I can’t support you as a candidate.  I can’t even take you seriously.  Your digital footprint is  outlined in  baseless accusations and filled with the type of Franklin Graham-ish Christian rhetoric that caused the Apostle Paul to conflict with Peter and his religious crew.  Paul “withstood them to their face.”
In a Gazette article, Day Gardner, says she’s “considering” running in District 6 race because “she is unhappy with how the council operates.”  She goes on to say, “We need fresh ideas, new people to mix it up to get real change.”
This kind of religion bating and fear mongering behavior is not indicative of change.  It’s the same old junk we, the voting public, have been trying to get away from.   
Can’t wait to meet the rest of the candidates.  I’ll be there for the forums

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“Franklin Graham-ish Christian Rhetoric”…. that’s good….

I am beyond tired of people think that President Obama is Muslim. If he was, there is nothing at all wrong with that, but how many times and how many ways does he have to say that he’s not. To dissect a person’s speech and attack a word here or there and decide then that the person must NOT be a Christian because of it, is foolish. Period.

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