Same-Sex Marriage in Maryland: Maybe Not (Demo)

Same sex marriage opponents are turning in their first batch of petitions AHEAD of schedule.  All across Maryland, activists and affiliates of the Maryland Marriage Alliance have been gathering signatures for a petition to challenge Maryland’s law allowing same sex marriage.  Supporters of Maryland’s new marriage law say that support for a ban has waned with the recent endorsement by President Obama and the NAACP.  Executive Director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance and Prince George’s County church Pastor Derek McCoy says that “The reality is there is incredible excitement out there.”  “I don’t think there is anything that has hit Maryland like this in years.”
This coming Thursday, the Maryland Marriage Alliance has to submit a third of the 55,736 signatures needed to petition a law to referendum, or 18,579.  Pastor McCoy says the campaign will have more than twice that and will deliver the names Tuesday, two days early.  Looks like we, the voters, will be making the final decision on this one.

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