Saving Face in Prince George’s County (Demo)

If Prince George’s County doesn’t want to be the sad brown clown of the Maryland General Assembly come this January, residents need to get on their phones and demand that Greg Hall and Tiffany Alston be removed as potential and seated delegates.  What I believe is that until Jack Johnson spilled the basket of dirty laundry onto the media’s already filthy floor, political power players here in Prince George’s County were less scrutinized.  The Democratic Central Committee met last week and decided to go forward with their nomination of Greg Hall as a replacement for former delegate Tiffany Alston.  Tiffany Alston is suing to keep her seat on a technicality since her CONVICTION was reduced to probation AFTER she allegedly completed her community

Greg Hall
Greg Hall

service hours.  I don’t believe she completed all those hours but that’s another post for a slow news day. Let’s face it folks, Jack Johnson’s scandal has necessitated the need for a way less flawed candidate to represent this county than either Alston or Hall could ever be at this point.   At a meeting of the Democratic Central Committee,  members voted 12-8 not to act on the Governor O’Malley’s request that Hall be removed as the nominee.  O’Malley had until Monday November 26th to finalize the appointment.  There is talk of all this foolishness progressing to the Circuity Court and if not resolved there, the Court of Appeals.  Oh that will bring great press to PGCo.  You have to wonder if any of the people on these committees or who are seeking seats really have the best interest of this county at heart.
Contact the Democratic Central Committee:
Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee
Terry Speigner, Chair
Contact the Governor’s Office of Correspondence and Constituent Services too.  Somebody is bound to hear you.  :
Tracey Hartman Supervisor 410 974-3591
Arisha Moore Assistant Supervisor 410-974-3901
Brenda Martin Administrative Assistant 410-974-3901
Kristen Osborne Administrative Assistant 410-974-3901
Sean McComiskey Administrative Assistant 410 974-3591
Jill Kubatko Administrative Assistant 410 974-3591
Correspondence & Constituent Services Facsimile Number 410-974-3275
Visioning Community WorkshopKeep an eye on who’s representing you and keep an eye on the development proposed for your area.  The Prince George’s County Planning Department is having a Visioning Community Workshop focused on the Landover Metro Area and the MD 202 Corridor.  Come out to see what the real plan is for this vital corridor. There will be keypad votes on how this area should proceed.  Don’t wait until plans have been made and then whine and complain.  Be a part of your own process.
Thursday, December 6, 2012 / 7:00pm – 9:00pm
The Prince George’s Ballroom
2411 Pinebrook Avenue, Landover MD
For more information contact Roberto Duke, Project Manager,, 301.952.4609, TTY: 301.952.4366
Samuel White, Assistant Project Manager,,301.952.4332,TTY:301.952.4366