School Buses & School System Crash / Capitol Heights Brothers Have Shootout (Demo)

Capitol Heights shooting between two brothers, School buses involved in 3-bus accident in Upper Marlboro, School system loosing 1,000 students a year

Two unnamed brothers, let’s call them twiddle-dee and twiddle dumb, were involved in a shootout Monday night in the 900 block of Karen Blvd in Capitol Heights.  The shooting has left one of the brothers in the hospital on trauma code.

Monday at 3: 45p , police reported an incident involving three full school buses. As two buses waited at the traffic light at Croom Road, a third bus caused a low speed chain-reaction collision. One bus hit the brakes and two other buses crashed into each other.  Paramedics treated 75 students at the scene. Thirty-four others were transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center.

In the meantime, school enrollment in Prince George’s County’s school system is declining at an alarming rate of 1,000 students a year.  According to this article, the decline is linked to the foreclosure crisis.


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