Segregated Prince George’s County? PU-LEAZE! (Demo)

I’m so salty with this pieced together slap in the face from The Washington Post on how segregated Prince George’s County has become that I’m typing too fast.
The Washington Post/Express story notes that Loudoun, Fairfax and Montgomery communities are growing more integrated while Prince George’s stands alone as a county with an overall increasing population and also an increasing population of people living in all Black communities.
The alleged NEWSWORTHINESS of this “story” is a crock of cloaked CRAP!!!!The only reason Prince George’s County demographics are making news is because there seems to be a pattern of Black people of financial means choosing not to live around white people of means so that’s news.  I’ve lived in this area my entire life and I know where the segregation lives. It lives in every neighborhood where working class people are priced out and doubly priced/blocked out if that working class to lower middle class person is of color.  Take your first time homebuyer funds to Tenley Town or Potomac, Md, or Alexandria and see how far you get.
Racist Eggs
Fairfax County has a population of 1,086,743. Of that population, white people total 686,467, Black people 100,195, Hispanics 169,694, and Asians, 193,843. Now you’re going to tell me that of those more that 650k white people living in Fairfax County that there is little segregation?  I find it extremely hard to believe that only “one in 20 neighborhoods is a racial or ethnic enclave” in Fairfax, County.  To fully disclose, the Washington Post used census analysis of DC, Maryland suburbs, and then “Northern Virginia.”  It is I that am using Fairfax County in my statistics because this should be a fair comparison. Northern Virginia is NOT a county; it’s like using Hyattsville  for comparison with Fairfax County and DC.
There are “enclaves” of Koreans in Annandale and Centerville, large populations of Jewish people in Howard County and the City of Fairfax,  but don’t overlook the huge populations of El Salvadorans and West Africans in Hyattsville, Asians in Lanham, and the increasing white population in Greenbelt, but somehow because of all this brown in Prince George’s County, the county has been deemed segregated.  People choose to live where they are comfortable and they’re usually comfortable around people with which they share some commonality and that’s not always race based.  If closely examined, the Black people in Prince George’s County are not just Black. They are mostly Christian, they are married, they make above average salaries, they are mostly between the ages of 25-55, and I’m sure a whole host of other commonalities.  Get over yourself Washington Post because the day is over when you can write stuff like this and not be called to the carpet for it.
I’m not done with this topic yet and I really want to hear from you the Prince George’s County population on this.

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I’m an African-American living in Clinton — my neighbor to the right is Latino, the one in front is white and the one on the left is Black. I think that qualifies as integrated.

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