Shame on You Prince George’s County (Demo)

    When all this bad news is being reported on Prince George’s County, do you ever get the feeling that the press and surrounding counties are trying to scold you?  It’s as if having a Black county is an offense and the county residents have to be reminded just how bad things can and will always be as long as we self segregate.  To my non-minority neighbors in PGCo, I ask your patience and understanding as I sort through the news. 

  • Leslie & Jack Johnson tapes have been released.  Listening to the tapes is further proof that they both should be locked up for a GOOD amount of time and forced to move to another county.  We don’t want them back.


  • And this story was plastered all over the front of the DC Examiner:  P.G. County Gangs 5th Worst in East.  According to the article and a newly release FBI report, Prince George’s County 7,131 gang members.  Prince George’s County was actually grouped with the Southeast and came in number 2 behind Miami-Dade County, Florida, which had 16, 684 gang members.  WE’RE actually NUMBER 2!!! Get it right.
    Examiner story HERE / FBI Report HERE


  • Daniel Andrew Gardner has been charged with first degree murder for the killing of a man in Temple Hills. 


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