Showplace Arena Audit Reveals Spending Sprees (Demo)

Did Senate President Thomas V.M. Miller Get Chief Auditor Belachew Demoted?

According to Washington Post, after chief auditor Abinet Y. Belachew turned in his draft audit of Showplace Arena showing improper spending to the tune of $40,000 over 5 years, Sen. Pres. Miller (can’t keep typing all that name) sent a  “harsh” letter to Belachew pressuring him to stop the audit because Miller’s buddy William Chambers was then the manager of the Showplace Arena.  The audit commission went on to complete the audit after Belachew.
Now retired former manager, William Chambers says the commission doesn’t understand marketing.  Is that what they’re calling it when it’s not Jack Johnson? Oh. Ok.  Belachew’s audit revealed questionable spending on food charged for Chambers daughter’s graduation, political donations, football and baseball games.   In addition, Showplace Arena bleeds about $3 million a year but Chambers was sure to note that his management team was responsible for taking the Arena from “zero” to $1.8 million in bookings.  Somehow, I don’t believe that.

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