Snow is Old News (Demo)

It’s snowing.  It’s winter.  Big whoop.  I wish I could get all up in a snit about this but I just can’t do it y’all.  The news is doing a good enough job reporting murders, car accidents, and snow closings.  Not a lot going on in Prince George’s County besides the usual panicked purchasing of milk, toilet paper, and bread.  Guess folk are eating butt wipe sandwiches with shots of moo juice.  If you need your street cleared of snow, see my previous post HERE.
Anthony BrownPolitics I’ll pick up tomorrow.  There are some interesting interviews coming your way so stay tuned. In the gubernatorial race, Lt. Gov. Brown and his running mate Ken Ulman seem to have all the endorsements and money they need but the way the Maryland health exchange was bungled gives me great pause.  Washington Post reported on 383 Medicaid beneficiaries receiving official paperwork from the health exchange that’s riddled with errors, “As many as 383 Medicaid enrollees in Maryland received welcome packets in the mail this month that contained the names and birth dates of strangers, health officials announced Sunday evening. They blamed the mix-up on a “programming error” caused by the chief IT contractor hired to build a health-insurance marketplace for the state.” It’s just one thing after another.  But O’Malley wants to run for President and Brown wants to be the next Governor? Still not sold on Gansler/Ivey though.  In the meantime, republican Larry Hogan, chairman of Change Maryland, has announced he’ll run for governor. I personally think that we need a two party gubernatorial office.  Too much of either side is sickening.  I’ve been checking out the campaign donation lists for some candidates too, speaking of sickening.
Snow on Car 1922While I’m on this sickening thread, I must mention the untimely demise of Loehmann’s discount store.  Loehmann’s is closing all its stores beginning immediately.  Man I have the gold card and everything.  It just seems to me that between closings and companies going from two and three to monopolies, we’ll all end up with 1 superstore where we go to buy everything from toothpaste to airline tickets.  Hold tight until my next post.  Stay safe and don’t drive fast and furious just because you have a SUV.  Yours are always the vehicles I see tipped over in the embankment or stranded in the median strip.  Stop it. 

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We do have that…it’s called Walmart! lol Give it some time…

Your pairings of the gubernatorial candidates is off. Jolene Ivey is Doug Gansler’s running mate and Ulman is on the Brown ticket.

In my mind, they all became one big mush. Corrected but they’re still all one big mush.

It’s “Your pairings of the gubernatorial candidates ARE off.” Not “is”.

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