Snow, Rosecroft Casino, & BOE Credit Cards: NOT!! (Demo)

I guess Prince George’s County government actually made a good call with not closing down for Tuesday’s snowstorm because it amounted to just a mild dusting.  I was surprised that the county government was closed but then it hit that they are operating under a deficit, so open they shall be and should be.  I was laying back down to my slumber and read this headline that woke me right up: Rosecroft Raceway to receive Maryland Casino License.  I’m like “WHAAT?! Ain’t nobody told me NUTHIN.”  Gaming Today ran that line followed by a short blurb, “The Maryland Horse Council Rosecroft Racehorsehas voted to support the effort of Rosecroft Raceway management to receive the casino license the state will allocate for Prince Georges County. In its support letter to the Maryland Lottery, the MHC pointed out the economic benefits of locating the casino at Rosecroft and its impact on the entire horse racing industry. Despite the support being offered by fellow horse people, Rosecroft’s hope of receiving the license was given little chance by insiders.”  THAT IS NOT THE SAME as Rosecroft Raceway receiving the gaming license.  Urrrgh.  Letter or not, Rosecroft Raceway will probably not be receiving that gaming license.

Delegate Alonzo T. Washingt
Delegate Alonzo T. Washington

If Prince George’s County Delegate Alonzo T. Washington (D-Dist 22) has his way, Board of Education members will not be receiving county issued credit cards anymore.  Former Board of Education member Carletta Fellows and some former Council members abused county issued credit cards, purchasing all kinds of foolishness from clothing to hotel stays to paying personal bills.  Now everyone will have to pay if this state level bill is passed. A Washington Post article on the matter had this to say, “Del. Alonzo Washington (D-Prince George’s), who is seeking reelection, said he decided to offer the bill after hearing from his constituents about improving government oversight. Under the bill, credit cards would no longer be issued to board members after July 1, 2015. Washington said the bill would put the school board members on the same footing as county council members. County council members lost their county-issued credit cards several years ago after a Washington Post article revealed that some members were using the cards for personal expense, including clothing and prescription drugs, a violation of county policy.”  Council members Edward Burroughs (Dist 8) and Peggy Higgins (Dist 2) believe that taking away the credit cards in unwarranted and would be a “hardship” to Board of Ed members; neither of these County Council members have county issued credit cards.  I know the Board of Education members only get $18k a year but until there is a better system of oversight, the credit cards have to go.  

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