Speeding Through Prince George’s County (Demo)

Speed Traffic CameraIf you were the recipient of a $40 speeding ticket while driving past the St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Parish Maryland International Day School in the 2300 block of Brinkley Road, you are in for a refund.  The Fort Washington traffic camera issued 2059 speeding tickets for a total of $82, 359 in fines.  Russ Ptacek of WUSA9  did an investigation and found that Prince George’s County never published the camera’s location in a newspaper which is required by law.  The WUSA9 investigation  caught the Police Department on the Maryland law which requires jurisdictions with automated speed monitoring systems to warn motorists of each location before snapping speeders. The notice is required to be posted on the county website and in a newspaper of general circulation. Prince George’s County Police now acknowledge that they never published this location in the Prince George’s County Gazette.  The Police Department’s blog is pretty open about the snafu. 

Anti Robbery ImagePrince George’s County Police Department might have to refund that $82k but they don’t have to hang their heads in shame because they did it up yesterday, January 22nd.  A liquor store in the 3300 hundred block of Walters Lane in Forestville was robbed at gunpoint around 5:45pm.  After a liquor store employee had complied with the armed suspects,  Prince George’s Police officers responded to the scene. The suspects exited the liquor store and  sped off in a minivan. Officers responding to the scene saw the minivan driving in the area. When the suspects refused to stop, officers pursued them into Washington, D.C. The suspects lost control of the minivan and crashed into a utility pole on Clay Place near 57th Street in Northeast Washington. At least two suspects then ran. The preliminary investigation reveals the officers confronted the suspects. During the confrontation, a PGPD officer discharged his weapon and shot one of the suspects.  The investigation is ongoing and it appears that there is a possibility that the rocket scientist of a suspect may have shot himself. The suspect is in a Prince George’s County hospital tonight. A second suspect is in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department, awaiting extradition to Prince George’s County. A handgun and money believed to be from the robbery were recovered on the scene of the crash.
Delegate Dereck Davis SeesawMy Washington Informer and The Gazette have reported on Delegate Dereck E. Davis‘s (D-District 25 Mitchellville)  flip-flop on speed camera legislation.  Earlier this month, Del. Davis proposed legislation, bill 302-14, to expand the operating hours of speed cameras in school zones from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to 24 hours a day. But after scrapping plans for the legislation, Davis is now proposing a bill that would curtail the devices from operating during holidays and summer breaks. Davis said earlier this week he is still seeking co-sponsors for the legislation and plans to introduce it by Friday.  I wouldn’t co-sponsor NOTHING until Delegate Davis takes a little time to think, strategize, and come up with a plan that suits the needs of the community. Davis told reporters that his flip-flopping was due to him trying to figure out the best way to address the issues.  You don’t submit legislation until you figure out a way to address the issues.   “It seemed kind of crazy to say you could speed at some times but not others,” he said. “I was going back and forth on which way to go, but this was my original plan.”  Delegate Davis, dude, do better. 

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The PGPD blog *is* open about the snafu, but the headline, “Newspaper Omission Gives Speeders a Lucky Break,” makes it sound like the newspaper was at fault. Doesn’t it? Anyway, props to WUSA9.

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