Standoff and Robbery (Demo)

Fort Washington home invaded and robbed
Man barricades himself inside Adelphi apartment
Sadly, it seems, the closer we get to Christmas, the more pronounced crime becomes.  Take the time to be aware of your surroundings and don’t trust everyone to be in your house or even know what you have inside your house.  Our culture, the American culture, is one obsessed with obtaining things.  Ironically this time of the year is when the gift of Christ is supposed to be celebrated, but for some this time only reinforces the desire for even more stuff.  Let’s all try to watch out for each other.
NBCWashington reported “Prince George’s County Police officers are investigating a home invasion in the 9100 block of Loughran Road in Fort Washington. According to police, multiple suspects entered the home around 2 a.m. [Monday Dec. 18th] and announced they were robbing the vicitms.  The suspects demanded money and jewelry. When a male resident confronted the suspects, he was shot in the back. The victim was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The suspects fled the scene.”  
Detectives do not believe this was a random crime and have evidence to suggest the suspects targeted the home. The preliminary investigation reveals that two armed suspects forced their way into the home. The homeowner confronted the suspects who made demands for his property. A confrontation broke out, during which the victim was shot. The suspects then ran away, stealing an undetermined amount of money and jewelry.
From the Washington Post, “An apartment building in Prince George’s County was evacuated overnight due to a standoff inside the building between police and an armed man, authorities said.  The barricade situation began shortly after 10:30 p.m. Monday at an apartment building in the 1800 block of Greenwich Wood Drive in Adelphi.  Police were assisting U.S. Marshals in serving a warrant, police said.  A man, believed to be alone and armed, barricaded himself inside the apartment, police said. The standoff ended around 6 a.m. NBC4 reported that the suspect was taken from the scene in an ambulance, but police did not confirm any injuries.”

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