State Senator Muse’s Church Files for Bankruptcy (Demo)

Maryland State Senate Member and Pastor of the Ark of Safety Christian Church, C. Anthony Muse filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on behalf of the church. 

In a statement from the church’s board of directors, increasing church expenses and mounting personal debts of members have made it difficult for the struggling membership to support the church, “As our church has grown, our operational and administrative expenses have increased, including the cost of utilities, gasoline for transportation, insurance and more, at a time when our members are already digging deep.”
According to a report, the church owes a debt of $610,000 to Muse and his wife; they also owe Severn Savings Bank of Annapolis $437,492, and $250,00 a piece to both American Star Financial of Rockville and the Greenbelt law firm of Joseph Greenwald & Laake.   Additionally there are various debts of between $1 to $10 million owed to various creditors and businesses.
The church has been unsuccessful in their search for a bank and loan with “more favorable terms,” according to the statement from the church’s board of directors. Filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy will allow the church to remain open and continue to pay their creditors while their debt is reorganized. Ark of Safety membership voted as a church to file for bankruptcy; the filing was made the next day on June 6th.
Muse represents Fort Washington’s Dist. 26 as a member of the Maryland State Senate.  The woes of his Upper Marlboro’s church are a reflection of a county that is still and slowly rebounding from a now deflated real estate bubble.

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