Stealing Church Oil and Our Money (Demo)

I know that times are tight but REALLY?!! Stealing heating oil from a church in Brandywine?!! And Pepco is going to nickle and dime us to death.  We’re already paying too much in taxes in Maryland, now both Montgomery County and Prince George’s are set to have rate increases.  At some point this has got to stop.  Take a look, a close look at the photos below of people who’ve been robbing stores and individuals in the county.  Pass this post along because someone somewhere knows something.  We cannot allow crooks to thrive in Prince George’s County.  Click on the image for a enlarged view.
St Michaels Church BrandywineSomeone stole heating oil from St. Michael’s Church in Brandywine, MD, and it’s the second time this year this has happened.  The heating oil theft will cost the already financially strapped church $5000.  Parishoner Cheryl Kerwin said to NBC’s Chris Gordon, “We are in need of news windows and we have been trying to raise money.”  Three tanks were drained almost empty, so St. Michael’s Church Pastor Thomas  Gude had to cancel the annual Christmas pot luck dinner in order to conserve the little oil they have left for Tuesday night’s catechism class for the children. “I sure hope they need it more than we did to keep people warm, to keep the kids warm,” Pastor Thomas Gude said.  Members are coming to church still but they’re having to keep their coats on.  What kind of person steals heating oil from a church?
Pepco blue green imageWashington Post reported that Pepco wants to rob us again to pay for upgrades that should be paid for by the profits they make.  “Pepco asked Maryland regulators Wednesday for a $43.3 million rate increase that would boost the average electric bill by $4.80 a month for residential customers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Company officials said the increase — the third requested in two years — is needed to cover the cost of upgrading its infrastructure and reliability.”  Pepco’s President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph M. Rigby said that ““Given our planned $5.9 billion investment in the electric system over the next five years to meet our customers’ needs, achieving timely and reasonable recovery of our investment through constructive regulatory outcomes is critical. Because the rate case outcomes we received in 2012 generally fell short of what is needed to earn our authorized rate of return, we are filing new cases in each jurisdiction we serve.”  So in order to accomplish their “authorized rate of return”, whatever that is, our bills are going up.

Armed Robbers Nov Dec 2013

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